Do you like Big Macs? It's good that you do not know its composition

Mar 28, 2018
12:31 P.M.

This list will make you think twice about munching on another Big Mac.


A Big Mac is considered a staple food for almost every household. When people get lazy or are just plain hungry, it’s just so easy to head to the nearest fast food restaurant to get their cravings satisfied.

Although, not a lot of people don’t know the components of the famous burger that is loved by many.

Healthy Holistic Living shared the additives that are mixed with other ingredients to make a Big Mac.


1.) Ammonium Chloride

McDonald’s burger buns consist of ammonium chloride which is also used to fertilize soil or kill bugs. Also, they can be found in shampoos and dry cell batteries.

2.) Silicone Oil

Dimethylpolysiloxane is a silicone oil that is mostly used to make contact lenses and various medical items. They are also used as an ingredient of Chicken McNuggets.

3.) Cysteine-L

This amino acid is used to soften bread and pastries. Coincidentally, Cysteine-L is synthesized from human hair or duck feathers.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

4.) Propylene Glycol

McDonald’s uses propylene glycol in a few of their sauces and dressings including ranch salad dressing and also, Big Mac’s sauce. This chemical compound can found as well in anti-freeze and e-cigarettes.

5.) Prescription Drugs

A research conducted at Johns Hopkins University showed that anti-depressants and other prescription drugs are added to chicken feed. The researchers made the discovery through testing feathers. This means that McChicken sandwiches and McNuggets come from chickens that were fed with feeds that had prescription drugs on them.


6.) Dimethylpolysiloxane

The famous fast food chain makes use of it for their oils, hashbrowns, french fries, including a couple of their fountain drinks. Dimethylpolysiloxane can also be found in silly putty, contact lenses, caulking, shampoo and conditioners, cosmetics, polishes, heat resistant tiles, and many more.

7.) Cellulose

McDonald’s has this organic compound, which is made from wood pulp, in their tortilla wraps, Filet-O-Fish, shredded cheese blends, feta cheese, chicken, and eggs.

8.) Silicon Dioxide

McDonald’s chicken strips, chicken patties, eggs, poutine gravy, and even hot chocolate has silicon dioxide, which is an industrial sand.

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