'Alaskan Bush People' finally makes an official announcement on the show's future

Apr 26, 2018
01:55 A.M.
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A representative of the network broke her silence about multiple production issues.


After a long break, the Discovery Channel show Alaskan Bush People will return soon with a new season, as reported by Radar Online.

Although there have been rumors about the show’s cancellation, the Executive Vice President of Public Relations for Discovery, Laurie Goldberg spoke up and offered clarity on the future of the show.

Goldberg stated that there was no truth to reports of the show being canceled and that the shooting for the new season has already begun.

Having said that, Goldberg provided an insight into the unprecedented delay in the show’s comeback.


She explained that among the multiple factors that came in the way of production, the weather was the most jeopardizing one.


The shoot location of the upcoming season fell prey to the harshest winter, Goldberg revealed. The extreme temperature caused the access roads to be shut down, making the area inaccessible.

Another reason behind the delay of the next season is the health of certain Brown family members.

The matriarch Ami Brown had a tough and exhausting battle with cancer, Gabe was down with the flu for weeks and Noah had to undergo a surgery of the gallbladder.

These illnesses put the shooting of the new episodes on hold, as the family struggled to cope with a tedious winter.


Goldberg highlighted that though the Brown family encountered many obstacles, their enthusiasm to continue the show never died down.

Fans of the show were heartened when Bam Brown was seen in New Orleans with a team of cameramen.

The way Ami pulled through her cancer treatment gave viewers another reason to believe that the show would make a comeback.

She remained fiercely positive after being diagnosed with lung cancer last year with a mere 3% chances of survival and has been recovering after a successful treatment.