The stars of Royal baby Prince Louis and Princess Diana are aligned, according to astrologer

Apr 27, 2018
10:25 P.M.
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Astrologer Penny Thornton explained, in a recent interview, that Prince Louis and Princess Diana are connected at a deeper level, claiming that their stars are "aligned."


Princess Diana‘s astrologer recently claimed that there are outstanding similarities in her star chart and Prince Louis' one.

According to People, the newborn, who was born on April 23 a while before noon, is a Taurus, just like his nearly 3-year-old sister, Charlotte. 

"With Cancer rising and Venus in Taurus, he has a sweet and sentimental side. He will be affectionate and open-hearted and quite the charmer,” Thornton predicted.

The astrologer claimed that the new prince will be strong-willed and independent, adding that he also will be "ground-breaking."


Thornton, who was Diana’s personal astrologer for more than six years, said that Prince Louis will have a passion for writing, the arts, and most important, politics.

“Like his brother and sister, he will take part in a major transformation of the royal family. He will respect the institution of monarchy but be a socialist at heart,” Thornton said.


The astrologer also explained how the new Prince compares to his older sister, claiming that she's more aligned with another member of the British Royal Family.

“While Princess Charlotte is a chip off the old block in terms of sharing many astrological features with the Queen, the new baby is a chip off the old block in regard to Diana,” she said.

When it comes to who is he going to bond deeply, the astrologer claimed that Prince George will be closer to him than Prince Charlotte.

"They may not see eye-to-eye on everything, but there is a true brotherly bond of love between them. Charlotte, a little less so, although she will adore looking after her little baby brother,” she said.