Proof that puppies bring happiness and cure boredom

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
06:09 A.M.
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Boredom is something everyone faces at some point or another, but there may be an oh-so-cute solution to this problem. 


A social experiment conducted in 2016 served to determine whether or not puppies could cure boredom at a nursery school, a nursing home, and at a gym.

In a video shared to YouTube by SoulPancake, the media company teamed up with Purina to cheer everyone up, while also hoping to raise money for shelter pups from the resulting video

The video starts with clips from a preschool, where students are going about their daily tasks while yawning and rubbing their sleepy eyes. 

At the retirement home, the senior citizens were sitting around their common area quietly, playing tedious games, or wandering around to keep themselves occupied. 


In the gym, everyone seemed to be focusing on their workout, the fatigue starting to show on their faces. 

That is, until some unexpected but very welcome guests arrive to take the edge off. 

When the classroom door opens, every curious little head in the room turns to see who is at the door. And their curiousity is rewarded by the cutest interruption ever. 

On the back of a small wagon sit three labrador puppies! The classroom explodes in a burst of delighted little squeals, wagging tails, and puppy kisses all around. 


A similar scenario unfolds at the nursing home, where sweet little corgi pups are passed around to the delight of the elderly residents, who have gone from blank faces to wide grins. 

The corgis who appear at the gym also bring big smiles to the faces of everyone, especially since they are also dressed up in workout gear! 

Naturally, the pups are just as delighted as their audience in all three venues, given that they are immediately being loved, hugged and patted by everyone. 

A lady in the retirement home confessed that playing with the puppies was special for all the residents, and one of the men in the gym even admitted that he wasn't tired anymore after relaxing with a pup, and wished they were always there.