Why a woman forced her stepdaughter to wear ugly dresses to school

Her parents thought it was the best way to teach their 11-year-old an important lesson.

ABC News reported that a Utah mother forced her stepdaughter to wear secondhand clothes as punishment.

Ally Olsen wanted to teach her stepdaughter, Kaylee Lindstrom, empathy. She wanted to show the fourth-grader how “inappropriate she was behaving.”

The parents received a call from Kaylee’s school complaining that she had been teasing a fellow student about her dress.

They devised the unique punishment. Their approach raised a lot of eyebrows as they did not choose to give her a lecture, instead, they took the 11-year-old shopping.

The shopping destination was not a mall but a thrift store. Olsen told her stepdaughter to choose the ugliest clothes she could find in the store.

The mother said, “She would pick out stuff and say, ‘Mom, this is the ugliest thing I have ever seen,’ and I would say, ‘Oh yeah, put that in the card.’”

Unaware of what awaited her, Kaylee selected the clothes and the two went back home.

Over the next two days, Olsen and her husband made the little girl wear the clothes she had picked out to the school.

She faced some bullying herself at school and described it as a “terrible” experience. She could not understand why her friends would do that to her.

Kayleen felt that she was still a normal person and what she wears should not matter. She then understood what her parents were trying to tell her.

The fourth-grader said that appreciated the lesson she learned. She then apologized to the girl she had bullied and said that they become best friends.

The girl’s father, Mark Lindstrom, said that they wanted to put their daughter in her friend’s shoes, hoping that if she felt how her friend felt, she would learn to empathize with her.

He added that it was the best idea and it could make Kaylee “the best person she could be.” 

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