Hoda Kotb shows off her boyfriend and cute daughter Haley having fun by the sea (photos)

The 53-year-old broadcast journalist and news anchor, Hoda Kotb, wowed her Instagram followers with an adorable photo of her daughter, Haley Joy, at the beach.

Earlier this week, Kotb shared several photos to document Haley's trip to the beach over Memorial Weekend. Kotb's mother, Sameha, and partner, Joel Schiffman, also joined in the fun. 

In one of the images, Shiffman relaxes on a beach chair while holding Haley. In another snapshot, Haley looks adoringly at her grandmother, whose smile says it all. 

Kotb didn't leave any details in the caption; she simply used the heart emoji. According to Today, words are not always needed to express the love shared between family members. 

Her fans thought Haley was adorable in her flamingo-print swimsuit and expressed their admiration in the comment section. 

The Instagram post where Joel Schiffman holds Haley seems to be a fan-favorite and has been liked more than 90,000 times in two days!

Instagram user Michele Cashin Krumholz said the adorable photo touches her heart and she has no words to describe it. She added that 'God had a plan for sure.' 

Barbara Snider Riggs said Schiffman is 'a keeper,' and said Kotb is lucky to have him in her life, while Jan King said Schiffman needs to be told 'that he is awesome' because men like him are rare. 

Joanna Smith was very happy for Hoda and added that she is blessed to have such a beautiful family while another user known only as Star Brooks said: 'Perfect! Just perfect!'

Kotb had wanted a child since 2007 after she battled breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive breast surgery the same year. 

Her dream came true in February 2017 when she received the news that a baby girl was up for adoption. 

Kotb made a note of the exact time when the message came through from the adoption agency - 11:54 - because she knew that it "was going to be the moment that everything changed."

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