John Cena and Nikki Bella reunite after calling off their wedding

Jun 01, 2018
03:36 A.M.
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John Cena and Nikki Bella shared a heartfelt conversation after running into each other at a WWE Raw event in New York City.


John Cena was seen sharing a hug with his former fiancé Nikki Bella behind the stage at the 25th anniversary of WWE Raw, as seen in the sneak peek of the latest Total Bellas episode.

According to E! Online, the duo met each other in person for the first time since they called off their wedding. When the cameras spotted Cena and Bella, they were mid-embrace and were beginning to open up to each other.

Bella, who was facing away from the camera, appeared to be upset over the fact that Cena did not contact her the day before the big event.

Cena was then trying to explain himself, stating that he was supposed to keep a distance from her. Bella responded by indicating that she did not care for the need to stay away from each other.


Cena looked straight into Bella’s eyes and expressed that it was incredibly difficult for him to not text her or call her. In his own words, it took ‘every fiber of his being’ to refrain from getting in touch with her.

Hearing this, Bella flung her arms around her former fiancé, while he held her hips gently and stated that he was only trying to do the right thing.


Then came the emotional confessions from Cena and Bella that they had truly missed each other since they broke up.


Their intimate chat was interrupted by a couple of friends walking over to them. However, after their rendezvous, Bella shared additional comments on her relationship with Cena.

She stated that Cena was like a magnet to her. Being around Cena felt like her heart sank down deep into her stomach. She felt a sense of breathlessness around him because of all the feelings she had for Cena.