Serena Williams is beyond disappointed after suffering injury that forced her out of French Open

Edduin Carvajal
Jun 04, 2018
12:18 P.M.

36-year-old tennis player Serena Williams withdrew from her fourth-round match versus Maria Sharapova at the French Open due to a painful injury.


The press conference wherein Williams addressed her injury was shared by Eurosport. In it, Williams admitted that she had a problem with her right pectoral muscle and that, at this point, she cannot even serve.

She added that it was hard to play when she cannot do something as crucial and important in tennis matches as serving. One of the things that surprised more people was that she retired shortly before she faced Sharapova, one of people's favorite to win the French Open.

Nevertheless, Williams set clear that she started feeling that problem when she faced Julia Görges on June 2. Even though she didn’t know what it was, she knew it was very painful.


Williams pointed out that during the double match she played on June 3, she wore different tapings and different types of support to see how it would feel under match circumstances but it didn’t get better, so retiring was the best option.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion confessed that she wasn’t sure if her injury would be completely healed for the upcoming tournament in Wimbledon, which will start on July 2.


Williams added that she would visit the doctor and get an MRI scan on June 5 to check how bad the injury was and, after that, she could tell for sure if she would be playing in England next month.

She confessed that leaving the French Open so early and in the way she had to do so was very disappointing as she stopped spending time with her daughter and husband to be practicing for it.

However, Williams added that she was trying to be positive and think about the next events and the rest of the year.

Finally, Williams revealed that she had never had that sort of injury before and that she was completely clueless about how to manage it. All that is left to do is wait for the medical exams to be done and see how much time she would have to rest.

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