Generous community surprised dying veteran with loaded U-Haul in driveway

Jun 08, 2018
01:21 A.M.
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The man had nothing in his apartment, and no money to buy furniture or feed himself properly. 


 Air Force veteran Ron Hyde of El Cajon, California, was suffering from cancer which had left him flat broke. In his dream apartment, he could afford nothing more than an old mattress, which he slept on on the floor. 

But his life changed drastically in October 2017 when he went down to Good Will to purchase an armchair for $25. 

As reported by ABC 10 News, after Hyde had paid for the chair, he was left wondering how he would get the item home. After asking around, a woman named Laura heard of his situation, and took to social media to get him some help. 

The post was shared, and people started asking if anyone had extra furniture that they would be willing to donate to Hyde for his home. 


Next thing Hyde knew, a U-Haul truck appeared outside his apartment, full of furniture that had been sent just for him. 


Hyde was so overwhelmed by the show of love and compassion that he had to walk away from the cameras, and a journalist from 10 News found him on his knees praying in his kitchen. 

Among the items donated were blankets, tables, a couch, and a proper bed. People even donated food items, stocking Hyde's kitchen cabinets to the brim. 

"It's been like a little miracle," Hyde said of the amazing generosity that ensured he could live a more comfortable life.