Mom can't afford ice cream so kids pray for a miracle and find a check on their doorstep

Sara Moore Gruver was broke when her children wanted ice cream. She had to say "no" to them, but it was not long before something miracle occurred.

In August 2017, Sara, a paramedic from Western New York, took to Facebook to share her experience when her children begged for ice cream.

Unfortunately, she was running low on cash at that time. She couldn't afford to get the sweet treat for them.

Thankfully, God was keeping an eye on Sara and her offsprings

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"So I have $20 to my name right now. Bills are paid and food is bought, but there just wasn't much leftover this week," Sara wrote. "That's okay. Then on the way home from grocery shopping today, my kids begged for ice cream. Begged. Cried real tears. All the drama."

Sara told them "no" because she thought that she might need that $20 before payday.

Aside from that, they also have plenty of food at home. Sara said they don't need to stop at the ice cream store.

The mother then heard her children's little sighs from the backseat. Suddenly, they prayed.

"God, we'd really love some ice cream. Is there any way you can give mommy some money so we can get some ice cream tonight? We know you can. Thank you."

Sara told them: "Guys, God isn't going to drop money on our doorstep so you two can get ice cream. He's busy right now with natural disasters."

"Nope," her son, Josh, replied. "God said you'll have plenty of money for ice cream and to give some to the natural disaster people."

Sara told Josh that "it doesn't work that way."

When they arrived home, Sara was surprised when she noticed a mail on their doorstep.

"In the mail was an envelope," she wrote. "In the envelope was a check for $123. From an overpayment on a student loan I paid 2007. The kids were not surprised. God was not surprised."

Sara immediately bought ice cream for her children and donated to Red Cross as well.

"Mom remembered, yet again, what it means to have the faith of a child," she wrote.

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