Snoop Dogg's wife flashes massive diamond rings following his recent cheating scandal

Over the past few weeks, the news of Snoop Dogg cheating on his wife has been circulating on the Internet, and people were not pleased. However, the rapper himself took some time to clear the air about what had really happened. 

According to Atlanta Black Star, Celina Powell, who allegedly also faked a pregnancy with Cardi B's husband Offset, has linked herself with Snoop Dogg. On her Twitter, the scandalous woman posted a tweet about the pair having sex to his gospel album and even shared some text message exchanges between the two of them. 

For proof, Celina even screenshotted video chats between her and Snoop, even sharing the photos of two of them half-dressed that they would send to each other. 

While it took a while for Snoop to respond, he finally gave his own version of an answer to all these speculations with two different posts on Instagram. 

One was posted over the weekend, which also featured him discussing a new TV show called "Clout Chasers". He promoted the first episode of the show, which airs next week. In the video, the producer says "I wanted to make something that was real relevant and real hood.". In another clip, the rapper plays music by Life Jennings, particularly "Must Be Nice". Snoop then began singing along to the song, saying:

“Even when your hustling days are gone, she’ll be by your side still holding on. Even when those twenties stop spinning and all those gold-digging women disappear, she’ll still be here.”

Fans were quick to notice that he was actually pertaining to his own wife, who has stuck by him through thick and thin. 

While Snoop and his wife Shante Broadus have gone through some rough patches before, especially during his pimping days, they ultimately made their relationship better and have been together since. However, now that this has resurfaced, it made people wonder just how much Shante can actually take. 

That is why when she posted a photo of her huge diamond rings, people assumed that it was actually a sorry gift given by her husband. 

Despite everything going on, Shante has remained calm and has been showing her fans a happy disposition on her social media accounts. 

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