Tika Sumpter flaunts cleavage in pink maxi dress paired with blue hat while at Comic-Con

Actress and producer Tika Sumpter, best known for The Haves and Have Nots, was present at the Comic-Con in San Diego, and her outfit attracted a lot of sights.

The actress uploaded three different photos on social media revealing how exciting the outing had been. One of the posts was shared on her Twitter account, and it showed Tika with Olan Rogers and Coty Galloway.

For the caption, Tika revealed that she met ‘incredibly good people’ at the comic-con who appreciate the artists and their work. She finished by saying that they were the fruits of their labor and make every moment worth it.

In that image, her outfit could not be seen in detail. The only evident piece of clothing was a pale blue hat she was wearing. The second media Tika shared was a Boomerang video uploaded to her Instagram account.

Apart from the actress, Olan, and Coty, producer David Sacks was also portrayed in the short recording. Tika tagged all of them in the caption and admitted that she was with her Final Space family.

Final Space is an adult animated space opera comedy-drama television series wherein Tika plays the voice of Quinn Airgone. For the third image the actress uploaded, she was posing in front of a yellow background wearing a sleeveless pink maxi dress and matching shoes that made her look gorgeous.

As Celebritist previously reported, several doors have been opening for Tika after her successful roles in Southside with You and The Have and Have Nots. The latest film she will work on is Sonic the Hedgehog.

The actress will be joined by James Marsden, best known for his roles as Scott Summers/Cyclops in the first X-Men film series.

Apart from that, he might also be remembered as the gunslinger Teddy Flood, a sentient android, in the HBO series Westworld.

Variety reported that Sonic the Hedgehog is an ambitious project from Paramount Pictures that will mix live action and animated characters and will follow the adventures of Sonic, the blue hedgehog from the classic Sega video game.

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