October 12, 2018

Joanna Gaines opens up about the gift of her unexpected pregnancy

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Joanna Gaines admitted that her fifth pregnancy took her and her husband, Chip, by surprise.

The 40-year-old Fixer Upper star gave birth to son, Crew, on June 21, 2018, as reported by Pop Sugar.

"I truly believed I was done. And yet, after eight years, here I am with a newborn in my arms," Joanna wrote in an essay titled Made for This.

She shared that the timetable seemed to lined up perfectly for her family.


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"Chip and I made a choice to take some time off this past year because it seemed best for us in that season - even though we knew it would stretch us to stay still. Only a few weeks lare I found out I was pregnant," she wrote.

At 40 years old, Joanna said her pregnancy with Crew was a little tougher on her physically than her past pregnancies.

"I have always enjoyed being pregnant - I tend to feel my best during those nine months. This time I felt a little more worn out than usual," she admitted.



While it was physically taxing, Joanna said she was emotionally prepared for the pregnancy.

With Crew around, the family was able to enjoy a much-needed break.

Joanna said they didn't expect to have some downtime anytime soon.

"It wasn't something I could have anticipated. But being pregnant and 'forced' to slow down has been a gift," she shared.


Joanna and Chip are known for the reality television series, Fixer Upper.

The couple own and operate Magnolia Homes, a remodeling and design business in Waco, Texas. Fixer Upper shows the process by which they turn dilapidated but potential-rich houses into showplaces that are helping revitalize neighborhoods throughout central Texas.

Joanna is the lead designer of Magnolia while Chip manages the construction and realty side.

The couple have been nominated at the Critics' Choice for Television Award for Best Reality Show Hosts.