Khloé Kardashian slammed after sharing pic of daughter True enjoying her own Bentley

Businesswoman Khloé Kardashian, best known for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” took to Instagram to share a photo of her baby daughter riding a “Bentley.”

In the photo, baby True appeared wearing a sleeveless pink shirt and a matching headband while flashing her big and beautiful smile at the camera. The four-month-old girl was in a big silver toy car that had the same design that a real Bentley would have.

There was a big pink ribbon attached to the hood of the vehicle and, sitting next to the baby, there was a stuffed animal bigger than the baby.

“I’m not sure what’s cuter, the cute teddy bear driving the Bentley truck or True’s cheeks and smile. Thank you Auntie Kimora and family for the precious gift!” wrote Khloé in the caption.

As soon as she uploaded that picture, followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. One of them pointed out that True’s smile could light up the world and that she was adorable.


While most people agreed that True looked beautiful, others took their time to criticize the mother-of-one. One of them suggested that Khloé was instilling materialism in her daughter.

"She should of receive a cross or a bible so this child grows closer to God as opposed to embedding materialism in her brain," said the user


Neither that person nor pretty much anyone expected to get a response from Khloé, but the proud mother took her time to reply, saying that she and True read children’s bible stories every day and say prayers every night.

“Why be so negative if you are a child of God? She's a baby who received a beautiful sweet gift and I was SOOO excited to put her in it and take a picture! I'm enjoying every single moment I can with my sweet angel! The angel GOD gave me!" added the star.


As Celebritist previously reported, Khloé revealed that her journey to regain her pre-baby body back is finally coming to fruition thanks to her hard work.

She added that, by exercising, she released stress, which has helped her to keep focused on her new tasks as a mother.

Finally, Khloé pointed out that even though she has a baby, the proud mother wanted to have something she could see as her time, her space, and something she does for herself.

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