'Carol Burnett's Tim Conway reportedly recovers from brain surgery while family battles in court

Tim Conway has been recovering from brain surgery while his second wife and kids battle it out in court to hold custody of their ill loved one.

Both parties fight to take care of Conway, but not jointly. The 84-year-old Tim Conway has had dementia and seeks medical care and help.

His current and second wife, Charlene Conway and his daughter Kelly have been fighting at court over his care.

Kelly is hoping to get the conservatorship in order to make sure that her father gets nothing but the best care.

“The reason I am trying to get conservatorship is to make sure that my dad continues to have the best care and be given proper medical attention and that he can live his life to the fullest.

Kelly believes that the person responsible for her father's care must be well-suited for the job. She added: 

"The person making decisions about his care must be competent. There are others that surround him that have only the best intentions at heart and not my dad’s. That’s why I want to be the one in charge of his care.”

On the other hand, Charlene argued to the court that she has been making sure that her husband gets everything he needs to treat his illness.

She also denied access for Tim’s children to enter his hospital room recently, and the children have not seen their father as much in the past year because of restrictions.

It must be a really difficult position to be the judges right now as this case has a high regard for empathy and emotions.

Both parties seem to love Conway very much that they want to hold custody of the ill TV personality for the best reasons, yet they prevent each other to do so. 

Tim Conway was first known in his role as Ensign Charles Parker in “McHale’s Navy.”

His career mostly involved movies and television screenings in “The Carol Burnett Show” which later garnered him a Golden Globe Award for “Best Supporting Actor.”

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