Britney Spears finally reaches agreement in child support case with ex-husband

Britney Spears has reportedly reached an agreement with her ex-husband Kevin Federline regarding an increase of the child support that she pays monthly.

It is believed that the pop singer's attorney, Laura Wasser, met with the former dancer's legal representative, Mark Vincent Kaplan, to settle the deal after intense negotiations.

The former couple agreed on a value that satisfied both parts after Federline complained that he wasn't getting enough money to support their children's lifestyle.

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From what the outlet has learned, Federline believed that the $20,000 a month that Spears paid him wasn't proportional to the life that she has been leading.


He also admitted that he could no longer find work as a dancer due to his age and that he has been having trouble "making ends meet."

Spears' father, Jaime, offered Federline an extra $10,000 every month if he dropped the case, but his attorney told him to not to take the money.


Spears is reportedly worth $56 million and keeps on making money every day, allowing her to live a rich and worry-free lifestyle, which was why Federline opted for a new child support deal.

A parent should always be on the lookout for opportunities to provide their children with the best life possible, and the former dancer didn't want to miss his.


In a similar case back in August, Angelina Jolie accused Brad Pitt of not paying enough child support and argued that Pitt failed to "comply with the agreement."

Mindy Nyby, a spokeswoman for the actress, shared that she was only trying to ensure that the payment routine was followed and that it was important to trust each other as co-parents.

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