Tami Roman sparks pregnancy rumors over alleged baby bump in recent pic

Maria Varela
Oct 22, 2018
10:37 A.M.
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Tami Roman faces brand new rumors that she's expecting a child after sharing a photo flaunting a bump. 


After months of being hounded by rumors surrounding her substantial weight loss, Tami Roman is now suspected to be pregnant. The “Basketball Wives” star recently shared a photo where she seems to be flashing a tiny bump leading fans to believe she may be expecting.



A few months back, Tami graced headlines after looking thin and frail in photos. Many worried she was taking things a little too far with her weight loss, others even presumed she was “a crackhead.” Even her reality show co-star Evelyn Lozada criticized her weight. She said Tami had “chicken legs” and needed to take more vitamins.



But Tami explained she didn’t lose weight and instead lost her willingness to die. She opened up about her diabetes and how this led her to make healthier choices. In an Instagram post, she wrote,

“DIABETES IS NO JOKE! I Detox, suppress my appetite and make better food choices. So enjoy yourself laughing, leaving negative comments & calling me a “’crackhead.'”



Lately, though, Tami appears to be drawing attention, not to the weight she’s lost but to the tummy, she seems to have gained. In a recent photo where she fashions a plaid shorts suit, her belly protrudes. Fans noticed the change and suspected she's expecting a child.

“I see a baby bump Is that a baby bump”

“Looking baby bumpish”

“tami is that a belly we seeeeee”


But there were fans who didn’t want to jump into conclusions and even scolded those who did.

“Whatever happened to a time where people knew better then to open their damn mouth and ask a woman if she’s pregnant? This post is about the suit. Have some sense ppl.”

“Omg let her live! Soooo what if the shot isn’t perfect to you…FYI:we are humans we are not not Perfect. Tami you are a ray of light in dark place… god bless you and your family”

Here's the photo that's sparking pregnancy rumors. You decide. 



If indeed Tami is pregnant, we're guessing she’ll be the first to rejoice. She’s been very vocal about struggling with fertility and losing her baby in 2015. At the time, she was 10 weeks pregnant with her longtime boyfriend Reggie Youngblood's child. In a post after her miscarriage, she revealed being “deeply saddened” but wasn’t losing hope. Despite her prolapsed uterus and diabetes, she said she and Reggie “were prayerful” and “still have faith.”



Meanwhile, Tami is also working towards making improvements in her life. The reality star who feuded with her "Basketball Wives" cast recently caught a clip of Tina Turner talking about her personal upliftment and was inspired to do the same. After sharing the video which she has since taken down, Tami revealed she was going to work on making positive changes in her life. She even asked help from a pastor to counsel her so she could be a better version of herself for her children.

Tami is certainly poised for a better life with the steps she's taking to improve it. What's not certain for now is the pregnant state some are suspecting her to be in. Maybe she'll speak up soon about the rumors just like she clarified previous talks about her weight loss.