Brad Paisley performs national anthem at World Series and it's pure gold

Country icon Brad Paisley impressed the audience yet again during a World Series game between Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox with his chilling performance of the national anthem.

Right before his performance at the Game Three of the series, Paisley took to Instagram to tease his fans about his performance, sharing with them a photo of his iconic blue guitar that had the LA Dodgers logo in it.

The “Whiskey Lullaby” singer stepped out onto the field with his favorite guitar and donned his own Dodgers jersey as the crowd cheered him on in wild enthusiasm.

He then began to strum his guitar to the anthem before finally giving his soothing vocals while belting out the lyrics.

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The captivating performance turned even more special when Paisley’s high notes were perfectly timed with mesmerizing fireworks that lit up behind up, providing an unforgettable spectacle for everyone present in the stadium.

Just when the crowd might have thought that the best part of the performance had come, they were proven wrong by the F-15’s flying over the stadium exactly while Paisley was singing the words, “…home of the brave.”

In an Instagram post, the country star himself admitted that it was a moment which he had never experienced before. ‘Anybody got a picture of the moment the F15’s flew over? I’ve never experienced anything like the roar of that timed out with the lyric that said “of the brave”’

Meanwhile, Country Music Nation informed that this is Paisley’s third time singing the national anthem at the World Series Game. Previously, he performed during 1999 World Series Game as well as during 2017.

This year’s performance turned out to be even more special for the country icon as his favorite LA Dodgers went on to win the game that day.

Paisley is one of the most popular artists in the country music scene and is famous for touching the emotional side of his audience with his songs that carry the values of nostalgia.

Here is a powerful story behind one of his most iconic songs, “He Didn’t Have to Be,” which reflects on Paisley’s inspiring songwriting process.

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