3-year-old girl sings 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in the car and it's pure gold

Little Holly Lee has captured the hearts of many people after a video of her singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" went viral.

In the viral clip, Holly can be seen entertaining herself with her very own rendition of the British rock band Queen's classic song.

Despite the fact that she's only three years of age, she definitely knows the lyrics to the hit tune, and she can't quit singing it.

The little girl's mother, Charlene McMahon, said that she first introduced Holly to the song while on a long car ride around three months ago.

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“She was bored in the car, and I was trying to entertain her," McMahon said.

"It’s the only song I knew all the words to so I started singing it. Since then she loves watching the video and singing it," she added. "She watches the video about five or six times a week and sings the song three or four times a day.”

On September, the proud mother was in the car with Holly and her one-year-old son, Ruaridh Lee, waiting for the children's father to get out of work.

McMahon decided to pull out her mobile phone and filmed Holly in action, and the resulting video is simply delightful.

Source: Facebook/Pretty 52

Source: Facebook/Pretty 52

“She bounces about, and when it’s the bit with the heads she just sings and tries to do everyone’s different voices – the high pitch and the low pitch,” she explained. “It’s so funny when she comes out with these words like ‘monstrosity.'”

Source: Facebook/Pretty 52

Source: Facebook/Pretty 52

At the point when the video was posted online, it immediately became a viral sensation.

“People were commenting saying they’re impressed that she knows all the words," said McMahon. "It’s funny because she’s the shyest little girl ever. If someone comes up and asks her to sing she won’t do it."

According to the mother, Holly likes to sing in their home but not before a crowd of people.

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