Marjorie Harvey melts hearts with video of grandson Noah drinking milk from his baby bro's bottle

Marjorie Harvey catches her grandson sneaking to partake of his baby brother’s breast milk in an amusing clip she recently shared. 

Among the many hats Marjorie Harvey wears, the one that transforms her into a grandmother is probably what she delights in the most. A recent clip shared by the doting grandma proves this. 


Marjorie and Steve Harvey have a new grandbaby and they’ve been gushing about him ever since he was born. Two-month-old Ezra is the son of Jason Harvey, Marjorie’s child from a previous marriage. The little tot joins the rest of the Harveys’ grandchildren making them a total of five. 


While Marjorie’s latest social media posts zoom in on her new grandchild, she recently drew attention to Ezra’s brother, Noah by sharing a very amusing clip of him. In the short video, Noah sneaks around at the living room and takes a sip from Ezra’s bottle of breast milk. The little boy seemed oblivious to the fact that he was being filmed. He carefully returned the bottle’s cap in its place after partaking of his brother’s drink making sure there was no sign of his mischievous deed. 

“Noah caught red handed drinking Ezra’s breast milk.” Marjorie wrote to caption the photo, clearly amused by what she witnessed.


Marjorie’s birthday two months ago showed what a close family the Harveys are and what a cool grandmother she is. Her daughter, Morgan Hawthorne was around to greet her and even twerked with her at one point.

They all enjoyed a day playing with Marjorie’s new life-sized toy, a gift her husband gave her as she turned 54. It was a bubble soccer set which the family clearly enjoyed.

She clearly is the coolest grandma to delight in such an unusual gift. It was a surprise she lapped up and was grateful to her husband for. 

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