Meghan Markle hints at due date to photographer who took her ‘most beautiful photo’ at Christmas

Meghan stuns in Christmas photo, but it's not all about her! The Duchess of Sussex hinted at how she might be delivering soon. The best guess seems to be February.

As families across the world celebrated Christmas in various ways, the Royal family too stepped out in style to commemorate the age-long tradition at the church in Sandringham. 

According to WhatMeghanWore, the Duchess of Sussex was styled head-to-toe in Victoria Beckham styles for her Christmas Day outing. 

While walking with Kate Middleton, she glowed effortlessly in her Victoria Beckham coat, bag, and accessorized shoe, casting a lavish sense of beauty around everyone present including star "Hello" photographer, Karen Anvil.

Karen captured them all smiling at the camera, and the photo got the attention of everyone involved in the news about the royal family. It was such a fantastic snap, one which sold her to the media world. 

While Meghan undoubtedly attracted everyone's buzz, the baby bump in her belly was the center of attention. Earlier this year, the couple sparked pregnancy rumors before later announcing that a royal baby would appear, but nobody knew when, until now. 

Karen Anvil, on Twitter, posted one of the most anticipated news of 2018, and the buzz has been electrifying. 

Speaking on the beautiful photo of Meghan Markle, Prince Charles, and Kate Middleton, she tweeted,

"Got the most beautiful photo today, I can’t wait to show you all. I even got to speak to Meghan about the baby!”

During the photography session, Kate had a chance to ask the Duchess when to expect the royal baby. In response, she said “We're nearly there!"

Fans and people at large were very happy to hear her open up about the royal baby's arrival. And the majestic look she put on has caused a rush to the Victoria Beckham website, with people looking to replicate it. 

While there hasn't been any official confirmation date, fans are scribbling down early February, and the impatience is floating around the air. They can't wait for the royal baby and rightly so. We all love ourselves a beautiful Meghan Markle. 

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