Mother and newborn baby both die after she delayed cancer treatment to save his life

An Australian girl by the name of Brianna Rawlings has been around the world with her extremely moving story that shows what a mother is capable of doing for her children.

With just 18 years of age and pregnancy in the process, the young woman received the sad news that she was suffering from a serious illness. The young native of Sydney, Australia, was diagnosed with aggressive blood cancer.

The woman found out about her leukemia when she was 17 weeks pregnant, however, she decided not to undergo any type of treatment against the disease until delivery because the well-being of the child she was carrying inside would be endangered.

Brianna wanted the baby to turn nine months in her womb as an ordinary pregnancy, however, this was not possible since at the sixth month she was forced to give birth because the pain she suffered became unbearable, as well as the constant fevers she presented.

The teen mom underwent an emergency cesarean section, that's how she prematurely gave birth to little Kyden, the baby had to be put to extreme care in order to keep him alive. The images in which mother and baby could be seen together after the little boy came into the world became viral.

After the birth of the baby, his recovery was expected, although being premature he did not have optimal health conditions. However, the neonate did not resist and died at 12 days of age due to a strong stomach infection that he suffered.

After the death of the child, the young mother revealed what she felt the time that could pass by her side. "Those 12 days that I could spend with my baby Kyden, hugging him and talking to him were so special, they were the best 12 days of my life!" she said.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for the family, Brianna was willing to undergo treatment to fight cancer. However, her health gradually worsened until she died on December 29, very shortly after she turned 19 years old.

This story reminds us of the miracle mom, who gave birth to a baby boy while she was in a coma and awoke to meet her newborn. Unfortunately, she has died three years after the accident that changed her life.

Sharista Giles, of Sweetwater, Tennessee, was four months pregnant when she was in a car crash with friends that left her in a coma for months. Doctors only gave her a two percent chance of survival, but she eventually woke up and spent three years watching her son grow up.

A mother of two, and pregnant with the third, discovers she has breast cancer after the doctors discarded reviewing a lump in her chest that turned out to be a tumor.

Abigail Valletta, of Clayton, North Carolina, called her lactation consultant after feeling something was wrong with one of her breasts. She was 9 weeks pregnant in April when she found a small lump in her right breast that looked suspicious.

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