Beth Chapman begs fans to boycott a radio station for bullying her and her family on air

Beth Chapman is calling out a radio station who she claimed made fun of her for having cancer. She wants fans to boycott the frequency. 

Beth, the wife of Duane "The Dog" Bounty Hunter, urged all her followers to boycott Power 104.3. The former reality TV star is suffering from throat cancer and for some reason, the station uses that fact to tear down her and her family. 

According to Beth, the station spreads lies about the Chapman's who are already going through a difficult period due to the 52-year-old's cancer. The disease reared its ugly head in November 2018.

Beth was initially diagnosed back in 2017. She had surgery and it was believed that the cancer was gone by early 2018. The returned cancer is already at stage 4, however.

On Wednesday, Beth addressed the appalling actions of the radio station. She continued until today in a series of tweets and reposts from her supporters, eventually demanding an apology.

She began: 

"I think it’s so gross and without taste that @power1043 makes fun of us everyday they make jokes about my cancer they blocked me so I couldn’t see the hateful [expletive] they are saying it’s everyday why would folks in Hawaii need them to spread hate."

Beth claimed that the stations and its employees had blocked her after she complained. She asked in a subsequent tweet: 

"When radio hosts go to far should they be held personally liable ? Should they be able to bully a person to death ? ! I think the laws are pretty clear about invoking a person to anger or to depression."

Beth soon called on her followers to take action and provided a number on her Twitter feed. Fans flocked to the call. Many noted how they got blocked themselves.

Users who did their part called on others to do the same: 

"#Boycott @power1043 ... Slander & making a mockery of cancer is unconscionable!! Stand with @MrsdogC & #TheChapman family! Call the radio station and make your voice heard!! Shame on you @power1043 and anyone who thinks you’re entertaining!!"

In another tweet, Beth alleged the station was slandering the family "every morning like clockwork." Beth and her supporters also called out rapper Eminem. The station is giving away tickets to his concert. 

In the midst of the controversy, Beth promoted her upcoming show with Duane called "Dog's Most Wanted." The show's renewal is meant to help provide funds for Beth's chemotherapy treatments which began in January.

The family's attorney Andrew Brettler said the treatment was so far "going well, but they certainly take their toll on Beth." He called her a "trooper and a very tough lady."

Beth opened up about the treatment last month: 

"It's a much different animal to attack, it's not something you can just cut out or take a pill."

The beloved couple has already started shooting on Hawaii island for the new show. We encourage Beth to continue staying strong against her cancer battle as well as the bullies. 

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