Tamar Braxton admitted son Logan sleeps in bed with her & new man and it's none of Vince's business

Tamar Braxton gets slammed for admitting her son sleeps on the same bed as her and her boyfriend. She finds nothing wrong with the arrangement and thinks Logan's father shouldn't too because it's none of his business. 

Tamar Braxton recently bagged the grand prize on Celebrity Big Brother and while she has all the reason to celebrate, there are things that happened on the show which fans won’t ever be celebrating. For instance, her revelation that her son, Logan has been sharing a bed with her and her boyfriend and that it’s none of Logan’s father’s business. 

Braxton opened up about this intimate detail during a chat with her former frenemy Kandi Burruss inside the Big Brother house.

“See Logan’s five. He be in the bed with me and T’Challa!”

T’Challa is what she calls her Nigerian boyfriend who she’s been seeing for a few months now. When Burruss asked how her ex-husband and Logan’s father, Vince Herbert feels about this sleeping arrangement, Braxton shrugged off his opinion as irrelevant.

“We not together! That’s not really his business.”

Braxton explained that if the tables were turned and Herbert had a woman he wanted Logan to be close to, she wouldn’t mind either. She also went into detail about their sleeping dynamics demonstrating that she sleeps in between Logan and her boyfriend making sure the two boys don't have contact. 

Though Braxton was being honest, this was met with a lot of criticism on social media. Many slammed her for her poor decision especially since her relationship is fairly new. 

However, Braxton isn’t at all affected and finds no problem in her parenting skills. In fact, she recently admitted to wanting more children with the possibility of Herbert still being the father. Logan was born via IVF and there are still a few more eggs left in the freezer should Braxton decide to have more. Of course the father of those kids is Herbert. 

In the meantime, Braxton will be concentrating on Logan and the house she intends to buy him after her Big Brother win. This is what she revealed would be her first order of business during her emotional speech after her win. Maybe Logan will want to sleep in his own room in their new home or Braxton will have a bigger bed in her room so their sleeping arrangements won’t ever be an issue anymore.   


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