Thomas Gibson's Son Travis Is All Grown up and Looks so Similar to His Handsome Dad

If you are a fan of the Criminal Minds television series, you will surely remember Thomas Gibson, who played the role of Aaron Hotchner for so many years.

Although Gibson was fired from the popular long-running television series, we can’t forget everything he did to his fans as he played Agent Hotchner, the longtime BAU Unit Chief on Criminal Minds.

However, today we have not come to talk about the altercations that caused the departure of Gibson from the recording set from which he delighted the viewers for so many years. This time we want you to take a look at his family.

Believe it or not, Thomas Gibson was married to his ex-wife, Christine, for more than 25 years. Despite having a long relationship, the divorce process was not easy and the couple took almost 4 years to get an end to the marriage contract that united them.

During the years they were married, Gibson and his ex-wife brought to the world three incredible children: James Parker, Travis Carter, and Agatha Marie.

Of the three children of the former star of Criminal Minds, who seems to have inherited all his beautiful looks is his second son, Travis Carter. The two look identical, and if you want to check for yourself, you can realize just by looking at one of their photographs.

Travis not only inherited his father's appearance, but he also proved to have inherited his artistic talent when he starred in episode 5 of Season 10 "Boxed In" of Criminal Minds as a friend of the kidnapped child.

We hope Travis has enjoyed his appearance on the small screen and later decide to follow in the footsteps of his father in the world of acting, he will surely become a great star if he so wishes.

Regardless of the great difficulties that Gibson has had to face both in his career and in his family life, he has always remained very close to his children. Travis is now 17 years old and lives with his brothers and father in San Antonio, Texas.

The official “Criminal Minds” Twitter page recently announced when Season 14 would be ending. They also shared the sad news that Season 15 would be the last one for the series.

Fans’ hearts were broken by the news but many were happy that they still had one more season to go through. The last season of the show will end next year.

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