Tom Sellek’s First Jaw-Dropping TV Commercial

Comfort Omovre
May 07, 2019
07:21 P.M.
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Tom Selleck is an American actor famously known for his buff presence in many TV series. Way before his “Magnum, P. I.” star role, Selleck was the king of TV commercials. His very first was in the late '60s and made a rather delightful watch.

He has carved a niche for himself in Hollywood as the go-to man when it comes to playing roles in suspenseful themed films. You'd be surprised to learn that, way before gaining recognition for his skillfully played film roles, Selleck commonly starred in numerous TV commercials.


He made his debut starring in adverts by playing the man everyone wanted to be with because he smelled so lovely in a Safeguard Soap commercial. 

You can watch the sterling actor look all youthful while being the man of the day after he uses the soap with the motives of showing off its powerful lathering abilities and "fresh and clean" scent.

The actor bathes, giving fans an up-close shot of his face as the camera zooms in on him. The clip makes for a sweet vintage watch; the subject is everyone's favorite TV man! The commercial ends too soon, running for just one full minute. 


Although somewhat corny with that old days feel about it, it is unarguably one clip dedicated fans will keep close to their hearts because it holds so much history.

Besides Selleck, the commercial also includes a young Penny Marshall before her starring role in “Laverne And Shirley,” famous “Black Stallion” actress Teri Garr and Donna Pescow before "Saturday Night Fever"! 


You have to agree that it is indeed star-studded! Tom Selleck’s long list of appearances in TV commercials back then lets fans trace down the growth of his famous mustache. 

Not everyone can rock facial hair, but there's no arguing that no one does it better than “The Rockford Files” star. In the Safeguard commercial, there is barely a hint of Selleck's mustache which would go on to become one of the most talked about beards in Hollywood! 

Other TV commercials starring the veteran actor include the 1972 ad for Dubonnet alongside Farrah Fawcett, another for Ban Basic deodorant, a Reverse Mortgage Loans advert and a Close-up Toothpaste advert.

The most breathtaking, however, remains his appearance in a commercial for Chaz Cologne where he plays a cowboy!