Blake Shelton Performs ‘God’s Country’ on 'The Voice' as 3 Members of His Team Qualify for the Finals

Bettina Dizon
May 16, 2019
02:24 P.M.
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Blake Shelton, 42, sought help from alcohol after having to say goodbye to one of his team members and performing “God’s Country” in front of a live audience.


With the announcement of “The Voice's” final four contestants on Tuesday, Blake Shelton already took home the victory, having three out of the four singers coming from his team. He started the show with a performance of his latest single, “God’s Country.”

The 42-year-old country singer revealed that he was nervous just thinking of having to sing the song before a live audience, which is why he sought a performance boost from a stronger than usual Smithworks vodka cocktail.



Shelton shared a video of himself on social media, “very excited” about the results of the final four, yet nervous for two reasons, one being the elimination of at least one person on his team.

“I know I have to say goodbye to at least -- numerically, scientifically, I have to say goodbye to at least one person on my team, because only four people are going to make it onto the finale,” he said.


The second reason as to why he was nervous was because of his performance of “God’s Country” from his upcoming album, which is yet to have a title.

“So I’m making a drink tonight, with Smithworks vodka, and it’s going to be a strong one,” he continued. “Because I have to emotionally endure the moment when I find out who’s going to be in the finale of ‘The Voice,’ right here on NBS. And, I’m performing ‘God’s Country.’ That’s a hard song to sing.”



Among the top eight contenders, five were under Team Blake, hence the statistical forecast of having at least one member bid goodbye to the show. Two singers under Shelton’s team did not make the final four, yet he still had the majority number of contestants to make the final round. 

Stefani, who was already once married, shared her thoughts on going down the aisle again in a different interview with Ellen.

Dexter Roberts, Gyth Rigdon, and Andrew Sevener were the three Team Blake competitors to advance to the final round, while Kim Cherry and Carter Lloyd Horne were eliminated. The fourth finalist was Maelyn Jarmon from John Legend’s team.



Apart from Shelton’s career looking great, his love life with Gwen Stefani is likewise blooming, with the possibility of an engagement happening soon.

The “God’s Country” singer suggested the idea of his girlfriend proposing to him on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” after the talk show host gave him a clock with a photo of him and Stefani.


She said it was to prompt an engagement to happen, which worked when she gifted Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez the same thing in February.


Stefani, who was already once married, shared her thoughts on going down the aisle again in a different interview with Ellen. She was first uneasy about the topic but later opened up.

“You know what? I love weddings. The kids love him. We love him. Everybody loves him. He’s loveable. I do, I think about it all the time,” said the singer.