LHHATL: Karlie Redd's Daughter Nearly Gets into Fight with Pooh at Mother-Daughter Event

Karlie Redd’s rarely seen daughter Jasmine made a special appearance on the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” However, things went left really fast as the young woman almost got into a fight with Pooh Hicks and her daughter.

Karlie Redd has been a member of the “L&HHATL” cast for the past seven years, and although fans of the show are used to seeing the kids of most of the cast members, Redd has maintained her adult daughter Jasmine away from the spotlight.


Jasmine is now a 20-something college student, and she made a special appearance on the latest episode of the show, which was filled with drama—as usual.

From the start of this season, Pooh Hicks has been spreading a rumor about how Karlie, who used to be her friend, once got involved in a threesome with her and her husband. However, Karlie has vehemently denied the story and decided to take a lie detector test to prove Pooh wrong.

However, Karlie’s timing to share the results of her test where off, and she ended up unraveling more drama with Pooh, only this time, her daughter was in the middle.


Karlie and Jasmine attended a mom-daughter event organized by Rasheeda Jones, and Pooh and one of her daughters, Najee, were also present.

Pooh Hicks at the event. | Source: YouTube/VH1

Pooh Hicks at the event. | Source: YouTube/VH1

At first, Karlie and Pooh managed to avoid each other and keep their act together, but then Karlie and Jasmine were asked to give some warm words for each other as part of the event.

Jasmine, who fans of the show discovered is now her mom’s carbon copy, started by saying her mom has always been strict but thanked her because she knows Karlie means well.

Karlie's daughter, Jasmine, talks about her mom. | Source: YouTube/VH1

Karlie's daughter, Jasmine, talks about her mom. | Source: YouTube/VH1

Then its Karlie’s turn to speak, and she informs the room that Jasmine was taking a break from school because of the teasing she was receiving for the rumors about her mom and Pooh flying around town.

So, in an attempt to save her daughter’s—and her—reputation, Karlie pulls out her lie detector test results and says that anything “other people” have been saying about her is wrong.


Pooh then explodes and stands up, as she starts calling Karlie names, and Jasmine loses her cool as she storms in Pooh’s direction ready to defend her mother. Security was fast though and managed to hold her back.

Then Najee gets mixed in the fight too, and it becomes a daughter against daughter screaming match while Karlie kept crying in a corner claiming that Pooh was a liar.

Eventually, security managed to escort Pooh and Najee out of the room, and Karlie, still crying, hugs her daughter trying to calm her down. However, Jasmine is still visibly fed up with the situation.

In the end, Rasheeda’s event was ruined, Karlie got to speak her truth, and Pooh will probably continue slandering Karlie’s reputation around town.

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