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July 19, 2019

Meet Imani, Jasmine Guy's 20-Year-Old Daughter Who's Already Made Her Acting Debut

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Jasmine Guy's 20-year-old daughter Imani Guy Duckette has already made her stage acting debut and has ventured into Arts School to try and follow her mom's footsteps in being an actress.

The knack for acting is definitely in the Guy genes, as Jasmine's daughter, Imani performed on the set of "Serial Black Face," a play that was showed in Atlanta. She starred in it when she was only 17 years old.  

Her Acting Debut

The play revolves around Vivian, played by Tinashe Kajese, a single mother whose son goes missing in the midst of the notorious 1979 Atlanta Child Murders. Vivian goes on to marry a man named Hugh, played by Gilbert Glen Brown. After her marriage, tensions arise between her and angsty teenage daughter, Latoya, played by none other than Imani herself. 



Her Mom's Lengthy Career

Jasmine Guy herself has had quite a run in acting, starring in classics like "A Different World," "School Daze," "Fame," and a whole lot more. Of course, like her daughter, she also ventured into theater plays, starring on "The Wiz," "Chicago," and "Grease." 


Life as a Single Mother

In 1998, Jasmine married Terrence Duckett and they welcomed their daughter Imani. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce and Duckett was accused of neglecting his duties to Imani. Now, he allegedly owes Jasmine and Imani almost $40,000 in child support.


A Career in Acting

Now, Imani studies at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and we can expect to see more of her once she graduates from the institution. For now, she's been focusing on her studies and participating in school plays rather than those open to the public. 

In a couple of years though, the world should be ready for when Imani actually takes the global stage and wows everyone with her impressive talent, as she gets better day by day when she's in school.