Stevie J Allegedly Claims Joseline Hernandez Hasn't Let Him See Child in Months

Stevie J accuses ex-Joseline Hernandez of depriving him of access to their 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella.

The court drama between Stevie J and his old flame Joseline Hernadez continues, as each showers the other with accusations of neglect and bad parenting.

Now, Stevie J asked the Judge for help and claims that said  Joseline has deprived him of parental access to their 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella.

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Stevie J has told the Judge that he hasn't seen his daughter in over six months, and asked the court to order that Joseline grant him "parenting time."

According to Stevie J, Joseline has refused to allow him to see Bonnie Bella in person, on FaceTime, or even to speak to her on the phone.

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Stevie J, 47, recently married to singer Faith Evans, has 5 other children besides Bonnie Bella


Stevie J, who has accused Joseline of being an unfit mother, has revealed that he has serious concerns over the child's health and well being.

“The petitioner is unaware of the safety of the minor child or her current health status due to such prohibitions inflicted by the respondent,” his brief claims.

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Stevie J is asking for full custody of the 2-year-old, claiming that he has greater financial and emotional stability to offer the child than Joseline, and has asked the Judge to force Joseline to pay him child support.


But Joseline isn't taking Stevie J's demands lying down. The reality star has pointed out that Bonnie Bella has been with her since birth and that her father has made no effort to see her, and that his claims that she has kept their daughter from him are a lie.

As for child support, Joseline asks that the court attribute 20% of Stevie J's income to Bonnie Bella. 

We hope that the court resolves this conundrum quickly, for Bonnie Bella's sake, who has become a battleground for her warring parents.


Stevie J, 47, recently married to singer Faith Evans, has 5 other children besides Bonnie Bella with four different women.

Two-year-old Bonnie Bella is Stevie’s youngest child. 

His oldest is Dorian, 24, whom he shares with Rhonda Henderson. Then comes Sade, also 24, whom he shares with Felicia Stover,  

With Carol Antoinette Bennett, Stevie J shares two children: son Steven Jordan Jr, 22, and daughter Savannah, 21. Mimi Faust is the mother of his daughter Eva, 10.  Bonnie Bella is Joseline Hernandez's only child.

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