Terry Crews' Wife Sheds Tears over Dark Time in Marriage in New 'Black Love' Trailer

Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews share the joy and pain of their union in the new season of "Black Love." 

Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews have just celebrated 30 years of marriage, but it hasn't all been a sea of roses.

The celebrity couple who celebrated their anniversary at the Four Seasons on July 29, have been open about the hard road they have traveled together.


Seeing the blissfully happy couple dance at their anniversary party which included a surprise performance by Stevie Wonder of the ultimate romantic song, “Ribbon in the Sky,” it is hard to believe they were ever anything but happy together.

But on OWN's "Black Love" Terry and his wife admit that they've gone through dark days together, a revelation that had Rebecca in tears.

The Crews have been an inspiration to many other coupes faced with challenges


Terry openly admitted that he had fought with porn addiction which had led to infidelity and separation, and saw the couple on the brink of divorce.

“Moving to L.A. and sweeping floors to start over, battles with addiction and depression, losing our home and actually breaking up for a time. Through all of this, these obstacles have actually made us stronger,” the Crews revealed.


But Terry decided to fight his addiction, and win back his wife and his family.

“Choosing to love each other year after year has proven to be the best decision we’ve ever made. Time has always had a wonderful way of showing us what truly matters,” he said.


For Terry and Rebecca, who share 4 children, Azriel, Isaiah, Naomi, Tera and Wynfrey, the prize has more than been worth the sometimes heartbreaking fight to stay together and work through their issues.

“You learn that you’ve learned a lot of wrong things. I learned to correct them. Now my wife and I are better than ever,” he said. “We’re back together, super strong,” Terry said.

The Crews have been an inspiration to many other coupes faced with challenges, and it's wonderful to see them celebrate their love.

Congratulations, Terry and Rebecca!


Although many actresses have joined the #MeToo movement and spoken out against the silent epidemic of sexual abuse rife among the powerful in the Hollywood hierarchy, only one man has had the courage to speak up: Terry Crews.

Crews revealed that he was assaulted by Adam Venit, one of Hollywood’s top agents, and the head of the motion picture department at William Morris Endeavor, at a party in 2016.

The assault happened in front of Crews' wife Rebecca, who when Venit groped at his genitals, restrained her husband from violence.

Crews complained to the agency, and Venit has been suspended from his duties and demoted.

Crews have become an outspoken advocate for the movement and testified at a senate commission on sexual abuse.

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