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Bossip: Joseline Hernandez Reportedly Awarded Temporary Custody of Daughter Bonnie Bella

Claudine Varela
Nov 11, 2019
07:40 A.M.
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A judge quickly overruled a previous decision to grant primary custody of Bonnie Bella to Stevie J. This is due to one important factor that lies in the care of Bonnie's mother, Joseline Hernandez. 


In the heels of last week’s news that Stevie J gained primary custody of his daughter, Bonnie Bella, the tide quickly changed in favor of Bonnie’s mother, Joseline Hernandez.

Bossip’s latest report reveals the court granted temporary primary custody of two-year-old Bonnie to Joseline to accommodate for the girl’s education. 

Puerto Rican reality star Joseline Hernandez at the 2017 Maxim Hot 100 party. | Source: Getty Images



The decision to overturn the custody ruling that placed Stevie at an advantage is a temporary one and was made with Bonnie’s best interest in mind. 

In August, Stevie sued his ex and demanded her arrest for allegedly denying him his visitation time with their daughter. 

Prior to the court’s decision to turn over custody of Bonnie to Stevie, the tot had already started school in Miami where she resided with her mother. Thinking it would be best for Bonnie to resume her education there, Georgia family court judge Roslyn Holcomb decided to allow Bonnie to primarily live with her mother at the time being.



The new court order signed on November 6 also allows for quality time between Bonnie and Stevie. In fact, it provides for Stevie to have custody of Bonnie every week from Thursday to Monday. 

In terms of child support, Stevie was relieved of the obligation of paying Joseline $1,000 a month. Instead, both parties were made responsible for shouldering costs for Bonnie while under their respective care.

This ruling will be upheld until February 2020 when both parties are scheduled to reappear in court. 

Former couple and parents of Bonnie Bella, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J attending "ATL Live on the Park" in 2014. | Photo: Getty Images



Joseline and Stevie have come a long way from the messy battle they were previously engaged in. In August, Stevie sued his ex and demanded her arrest for allegedly denying him his visitation time with their daughter. 


He claimed the Puerto Rican star purposely moved to Miami to keep Bonnie away from him and suggested she was living with her boyfriend there. Stevie insisted to the judge that he was the more capable parent to Bonnie both mentally and financially. He also demanded that Joseline pay him child support instead. 

The judge seemed to have heeded Stevie’s argument and granted him primary custody last week. But that changed quickly and we’re seeing a new living arrangement for Bonnie. 



It’s a good thing Stevie and Joseline patched things up while all this was going on. They’ve appeared together in a photo with Joseline’s boyfriend, DJ Ballistic and Stevie’s wife, Fatih Evans carrying Bella. Stevie was grateful when he posted that photo on his Instagram and captioned it, “God is the greatest.”

When two parents’ main goal is the welfare of their child it’s impossible not to agree with each other at a certain point. Kudos to Joseline and Stevie for reaching this point.