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Michael Douglas Pays Tribute to Late Andre the Giant on the WWE Legend's 74th Birthday

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 23, 2020
12:30 A.M.
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Hollywood's famous Michael Douglas honored the late WWE champion, Andre the Giant, on his supposed 74th birthday. The actor took to the gram to celebrate the legendary wrestler.


Andre the Giant may be gone from the earth's surface, but his fans, as well as those who shared a personal relationship with him, are not quick to forget the sports star. His groundbreaking victories and unique height turned him to fans' favorite soon after he began his career as a wrestler.

Michael Douglas at the United Nations Office on May 12, 2016. | Photo: Getty Images


Micheal uploaded a shot of himself and Andre. Both men seemingly shared a cordial relationship, and while the actor wore a wide grin, the WWE legend had a close lip smile. The picture also showed the men locking hands with each other, and the poster wrote:

"Today marks Andre the Giant's 74th birthday! Andre will forever be remembered as a true champion inside and outside the ring. Happy birthday Andre! #AndretheGiant #Legend #Throwback."


Fans of the TV personality who were acquainted with the exploits of Andre the Giant joined the celebrity in the birthday wishes. Andre's 7ft.4inches height made him an undisputed champion. He faced lots of top-notch wrestlers like Hulk Hogan. However, a rumor about Hulk being the only wrestler to slam the 500pounds giant spread like wildfire in the 1970s.

Other stories from close associates and friends corroborate the fact that Andre could gulp down more bottles than the average man.


It was later discovered to be fake news by WWE correspondents. Their website also explained other information concerning Andre, stating whether they were true or false.

One first-hand information on the Giant that cannot be waved aside is his drinking prowess testified by Ric Flair, a WWE wrestler and former friend to the deceased. He said:

"In 1975, he drank 106 beers... Hey, I've been on a plane out of Chicago on No.4 on Northwest. We drank every bottle of vodka on the plane."

Andre The Giant spews vitriol at the referee as fans put in their two cents' worth on February 27, 1989. | Photo: Getty Images


Other stories from close associates and friends corroborate the fact that Andre could gulp down more bottles than the average man. Sadly, he kicked the bucket in 1993 after gaining popularity by wrestling around the world and working under the WWF known as World Wide Wrestling Federation.

Andre the Giant tossing Chuck Wepner out of ring on June 25, 1976. | Photo: Getty Images

One peculiar submission match that had fans glued to the actions in the ring was the international fight between Andre and North Korea's Antonio Inoki. It ended with the former submitting to the latter, which wasn't a common occurrence for fans of the reputable Giant.