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People: Kate Gosselin Claims Investigation on Child Abuse against Jon Gosselin Is Proceeding

Busayo Ogunjimi
Sep 16, 2020
01:30 A.M.
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Kate and Jon Gosselin have been at loggerheads over the supposed abuse of their child Collin, and she recently revealed that investigation is ongoing as to what truly happened.


There are times when parents get into arguments over how a child should be disciplined when a wrong has been done, and while some can sort it out quickly, some often linger longer than expected.

Kate and Joe Gosselin have been at loggerheads over the supposed abuse their son Collin received at Jon's hands, and Kate insists that an investigation is ongoing.

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In a chat with People, Kate explained that Jon's claims about not abusing Collin were false and that the necessary investigations were still ongoing. She explained:

"Until I receive the letter in the mail from CYS about whether they've deemed the allegations founded or not, it is ongoing."

A representative for Jon has earlier revealed that no investigation was going on as Jon had never abused Collin. The rep added that no charges were filed; hence, there was no ongoing investigation.


It was earlier confirmed by People that Pennsylvania's Berks County Child & Youth Services had notified Kate of an open investigation into an alleged violent altercation between Jon and Collin that took place earlier this month.

Jon stated that Collin had only escalated an issue because he was not getting his way.

Interestingly, through all these back and forth, the CYS has not said anything about the case. Although Kate claims that: "My point of contact at CYS has not told me otherwise, so I have every reason to believe it is still ongoing."


All these stem from time Collin posted on his Instagram account that his father had beaten him. Although the post has since been deleted, the public's attention has been drawn to it, and there has been an outcry over it.

In his defense, Jon stated that Collin had only escalated an issue because he was not getting his way, and this was his way of getting the attention he badly required.


Collin's sister, Hannah, also admitted that their dad never hit Collin. The young boy has been battling mental health issues, and due to this, Kate put him in a special needs school.

In 2017, he was removed from the school due to an emotional letter he sent to his father, who fought for his custody.

Jon and Kate, who have been separated since 2009, are parents to eight children. Their first set of kids are twins Cara and Mady, after which they had their sextuplet. All the other kids are with their mother, Kate, except Collin and Hannah, who live with Jon.