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November 17, 2020

How Tamera Mowry & Her Husband Adam Housley Celebrated Their Son Aden's 8th Birthday

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"Sister, Sister" star Tamera Mowry and her husband Adam Housely recently celebrated their son Aden's 8th birthday with loving tributes that were as sweet as they could get. 

Aden Housely celebrated his 8th trip around the sun with loads and loads of love. His parents Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley made him feel special with their heartfelt tributes on Instagram. 

Sharing a photo of his son on a football field with a jersey on, Housley penned a beautiful message to celebrate the young man. He shared how people never really understand what "time flies" really means until they have kids.

Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley attending Tyler Perry Studios' grand opening gala in Atlanta, Georgia in October 2018. | Source: Getty Images.



To think that he and Mowry welcomed Aden eight whole years ago was something he was struggling to put his head around. Gushing about his darling of a son, he wrote:

"He has more energy than a year-long bolt of lightening, loves life and people and animals and while he is all boy...he has a heart of gold."


Like every other kid, Aden cannot wait until he is 16 so that he can drive a car, but Housely does not want him to grow up so soon. He went on to express his wish for time to slow down. 

He made his parents wait two extra weeks before arriving into the world to fill their lives with shades of joy that they had never seen before. 


Concluding the sweet caption with a birthday wish, he hoped for all of Aden's dreams to come true. Meanwhile, Mowry was busy penning down her own caption that was equally love-laden. 


The actress shared a cute photo of Aden cleaning a cup in the kitchen and alongside it, she gushed about how her first-born has kept her on her toes ever since he was born but in a great way.


Mowry is in awe of the way her son takes care of his sister, and she made sure that the world knows through her post. Expressing her pride in being his mother, she further wrote:

"Seeing you lead at school reassures me that I didn’t knock down your strong-willed personality but nurtured it with compassion and boundaries. This momma is proud of you..."



Aden was born to Mowry and Housely on November 12, 2012. He made his parents wait two extra weeks before arriving into the world to fill their lives with shades of joy that they had never seen before. 

In return, they have been the best parents Aden could ever ask for. Mowry's parenting motto is to focus on doing your best and believe that it is good enough. Parenting does not have to be perfect but it has to be done with a full heart. Such great advice to heed!