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Daily Riddle: 5 Children Were Having a Fun Time at the Zoo

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 16, 2021
05:20 P.M.
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Five kids visited the zoo to see their favorite animal, eat their favorite snack and buy their favorite souvenir. Use the clues below to find out the preferred choices of the kids.


Five children, which comprises three boys, Jake, Anthony, and Carlos, and two girls, Abigail and Paige, decide to visit the zoo. The excited kids have an individual favorite animal they would like to see.

The animals include monkeys, alligators, bears, lions, and giraffes. Each of the five kids enjoys each of these five snacks: popcorn, chips, pretzel, nachos with chips, and cheese or crackers.

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Each child purchases one souvenir: a stuffed rabbit, a lion t-shirt, a key chain, a plastic snake, or a stuffed monkey. From the clues below, try to put together who likes what, ate which snack, and got what souvenir.

1. One of the five kids was very happy to see their favorite animal, the alligator, and spilled their popcorn everywhere.

2. Paige had no interest in seeing the alligator because she detests reptiles or any other animal with scales.

Two kids and a parrot at the zoo. | Photo: Shutterstock


3. The stuffed monkey got smeared with some Nacho Cheese on its face by kisses from its owner.

4. After returning from the zoo, Jake continuously made lion noises all through the day and even in his sleep.

5. Carlos and Abigail both had a snack that contained chips.

6. The child who came along with the t-shirt loved it so much that he went to bed in it without minding if pretzel crumbs would drop on his bed.


7. The favorite animal of the nacho lovers is the monkey which made them eager to go for that exhibit.

8. None of the male children purchased a stuffed animal.

9. The child who got the key chain picked the one with an alligator on it because the animal was their favorite.

10. One of the girls enjoyed the new bear exhibit. It was the best part of the day for her.



Jake: Lions, pretzels, and t-shirt

Anthony: Alligators, popcorn, and key chain

Carlos: Giraffe, chips, and plastic snakes.

Abigail: Monkeys, nachos, and a stuffed monkey

Paige: Bears, crackers, and stuffed rabbit.

Monkeys on wooden palette | Photo: Pexels

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