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Daily Joke: Bill Has Always Had Trouble Doing Well on Tests in School

Laura Beatham
Jul 19, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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Bill always struggled in school. He loved learning and enjoying being in class, but he had an immense fear of tests. In fact, when a professor would hand out a test, Bill's brain would completely freeze and shut down.


He would get very anxious, his heart would beat very fast, and his hands would sweat profusely. Poor Bill would not even be able to write his own name and the date on the page.

Bill could never remember anything when he was handed a test. | Photo: Shutterstock


One of his professors felt very bad for him, so he decided to hand out a take-home test in hopes that the reduced pressure would help Bill to achieve a good grade.

The professor handed out the tests and instructed the class to complete them at home and bring their written answers to class the next day. However, the next day, Bill did not make it to class.

After three days, his professor and classmates were very worried about him, so they went out to find him. The professor found Bill wandering the street, clutching the test.

The professor had hoped that the take-home test would have helped Bill. | Photo: Pixabay/tjevans


He had not answered any questions and was muttering frantically to himself. It turned out that the moment the professor handed him the test to take home, he had forgotten where he lived!

Poor Bill! Have you ever been so stressed out about an exam or test? The joke below shares the story of another person who struggled during their test!


Michael was taking a critical test at school. It was a TRUE or FALSE test, so Michael did not study as he believed that the test would be simple!

Michael put all his trust into a coin. | Photo: Pexels/Isaac Pollock


Michael thought he would leave his grade to fate and opted to flip a coin to decide which answer to choose. When the time was over, the teacher began collecting all of the papers.

However, the teacher noticed that Michael was still hard at work on his test and flipping a coin. So she walked up to his desk and said, "Michael, please put your pen down. The test is over. Also, why are you flipping a coin?"

"Don't worry Teach," scoffed Michael, "I'm done. I was checking my answers."

Michael figured out a way to answer his test, although his method is very questionable! If you're looking for another joke, check out this one about a boy named Sam who was always late for school!

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