October 24, 2021

Man Accused Lover of Getting Pregnant Intentionally as She Was the Only One Using Contraception

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"3 days ago, my girlfriend tells me that she's two months pregnant, and she just found out," wrote a Redditor who went on to reveal that he accused her of intentionally getting pregnant as she was the only one using contraception. But she proves him wrong and leaves him stunned.

When a couple wants to plan when to start a family carefully, it's common for one of them to use contraceptives. Usually, the responsibility falls on the woman. As a result, many younger women opt for the pill, while older women may choose sterilization. 

Another form of contraceptive is an injection that decreases the chance of getting pregnant by 99%. Unfortunately, for one Redditors girlfriend, the contraception seemed to fail, and she ended up pregnant.


Source: Reddit


Three years after dating each other, a Redditor with the screen name Exciting-Doctor, and his girlfriend decided to move in together. The man observed that his girlfriend had developed a strange new interest after they moved in.


He noticed she was looking at nursery photos and reading tips on raising kids. She even followed family accounts on Instagram and shared their videos with him, saying, "this is our future kid!"

Photo of a happy family his girlfriend was looking at | Source: Unsplash



The girl talked to her boyfriend about having children, but he refused and wanted to wait until they could buy a house and were debt-free. He wanted both of them to focus on their careers.

He immediately suggested aborting the baby as they already had a plan and didn't want children until they achieved their goals. The girl lost her temper and refused to get an abortion.

The OP's (Original Poster's) biggest fear was his girlfriend getting pregnant, so he asked her to get contraceptive injections. She had been regularly getting a shot every three months since they started dating.


The OP imagining his pregnant girlfriend | Source: Unsplash

One day, the OP's girlfriend came into the room with a big smile on her face. He looked at her and wondered why she was so excited. "What's up?" he asked. 


"I'm pregnant!" exclaimed the girl. The man was horrified to hear her news and immediately wondered if she had skipped her injection. 

He immediately suggested aborting the baby as they already had a plan and didn't want children until they achieved their goals. The girl lost her temper and refused to get an abortion.

The girl holding positive pregnancy strip test | Source: Pexels



After realizing how excited his girlfriend was, OP accused her of getting pregnant on purpose. He suspected she had secretly skipped a dose of the contraceptive injection. In his post, he wrote:

"When I accused her of getting pregnant on purpose she got mad at me and says she would have never done that and she knows that it isn’t the perfect time to have a child and she been getting all her depo shots but “God had other plans” and we could make it work."

OP didn't buy it and accused her of lying. This led to an argument that ended with his girlfriend leaving the house. She moved in with her mother instead.


Girl going to mother's house | Source: Unsplash

The girl felt insulted by her boyfriend's lack of trust. To prove that she was telling the truth, she sent him a photo of the receipts proving she got her shot three months ago. 


The OP immediately apologized and tried to contact her, but it was too late. She had blocked his number and refused to talk to him. 

She blocked his number | Source: Unsplash



OP asked other users if he had done something wrong as he thought he was right to ask about the injection. Another user, psychominnie624, replied:

"YTA big time here. Just because a she has always dreamed of a mom doesn’t mean she would undermine your trust and sabotage your current life plans. Do you not trust her as a person at all?"

Another Redditor supported psychominnie624's comment and hoped that the OP would apologize for his mistake. "He'd noticed all these things and clearly didn't trust her but still didn't see fit to wear a condom and take some responsibility himself," wrote another user. 


The OP reading other people's comments | Source: Unsplash

EmilyAnne1170 bashed the OP for putting the entire blame on his girlfriend. "YTA for accusing her of lying and doing this horrible thing to you on purpose," she wrote

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