Woman Whose Face Burned off in a Campfire Gives Her Husband Permission to Leave Her, He Refuses

Dayna Remus
Jan 25, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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Having suffered a miscarriage, 29-year-old Halie Tennant looked forward to a therapeutic night, stargazing in the bush. Sadly, this relaxing getaway ended in tragedy.


On May 30, 2020, Halie from Hotspur, Victoria, in Australia, was falling asleep next to a crackling fire, content in her camping chair. 

She dozed alongside her friend Kenzie who was stargazing. Then, Kenzie was startled by a strange noise, only to see Halie face-first in the sizzling flames

Halie Tennant and her husband Mathew Tennant before Halie got burnt [left]; Halie Tennant and her husband Mathew Tennant after Halie got burnt [center;] Halie Tennant and her husband Mathew Tennant hugging in the hospital [right]. | Source:



Just over a week later, the primary school teacher regained consciousness from a coma without any recollection of what had transpired.

One man told Halie that she looked like a zombie.

On the terrible night, her friend Kenzie took immediate action and splashed cool water on Halie's face. She drove Halie home, where she woke her companion's husband, Mathew  Tennant, up and hastily called Triple-0.



While all this was happening, her spouse ran her face under cold water, attempting to keep her calm. Out of what she could recall, Halie claimed that she has no recollection of being in pain, but she said

"I remember asking Mathew to love me no matter what and him saying yes."

Finally, the paramedics were on scene, where she was taken to the Melbourne-based Alfred Hospital and injected with sedatives to induce a coma. 



Her face had burnt off entirely, and she was in for a long road to recovery, not only physically but emotionally. The teacher claimed she felt nothing the first time she saw herself since the freak incident. But, Halie stated

"A few days later, I was with my psychologist when she got me to look at the photo again. This time, it hit me, and I broke down sobbing."

However, there was one fearlessly loyal individual who could love her the way she needed when she couldn't love herself — Mathew. 



Attempting to be selfless, Halie told her life partner that she would completely understand if he did not want to be with her anymore. Nevertheless, he refused, with her recollecting

"‘No way, I love you,’ he [Mathew] insisted."


Although she felt comforted, the burn survivor still grappled with her looks. Individuals were staring at her in public. One man told Halie that she looked like a zombie.

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If this wasn't excruciating enough, the teacher faced several grueling processes. After coming out of the coma, she had to remain in the hospital for just over two months to undergo six surgeries. 

Upon leaving, she had to be readmitted and faced more surgeries, experiencing deep isolation while in pain due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

The procedures are still ongoing, with a GoFundMe account set up to raise money for her medical expenses. So far, AUD 5,816 has been raised out of AUD 9,000.



With all these challenges, it would be expected of Halie to remain in a dark place. But, as her path back to self-love continues, her spirits remain positive with a solid community behind her. The teacher herself expressed:

"My biggest supporter would have to be my rock, my husband, Mathew followed by my best friends [and] parents."

The primary school teacher has stated that this incident has helped her focus on the good in one's life, no matter what. 



Mathew embodies true and wholehearted love — a state that primarily mothers claim. Using this deep affection for her children, one mom ensured she would always be there for them even when dead

Jacqueline Zinn or "Jacquie" was diagnosed with a deadly brain cancer called glioblastoma. She did everything to beat it but passed away on July 16, 2013, leaving letters behind for her kids. 

Jacqueline Zinn with her loved ones. | Source:


These letters, which she worked on every night before her death, were meant for the children at different milestones.

One of her kids, Jerry, was set to receive one on the day he graduated college — something he admits was a huge motivation to finish it, possibly all part of her grand plan. 

Wholehearted love —a superpower only some of us have mastered and who know it to be the most significant source of strength.


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