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Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne's Daughter Wanted Nothing to Do with Their Lifestyle & Left Home

Gaone Pule
Mar 05, 2022
11:00 A.M.
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The Osbournes are the most well-known family worldwide, who took show business by storm through music and their television reality show. However, their fame cost them a family member in the long run. 


English musician Ozzy Osbourne is the former lead vocalist of the metal band Black Sabbath who rose to prominence in the 1970s. His wife, Sharon Osbourne, is a television personality who has co-hosted "The Talk." 

Together with their children, both husband and wife gained media attention after appearing on the MTV reality series "The Osbournes" in 2002.  

Musician Ozzy Osbourne and TV host Sharon Osbourne during the Billy Morrison - Aude Somnia Solo Exhibition at Elisabeth Weinstock on September 28, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (R) Actress Aimee Osbourne during her visit at SiriusXM Studios on April 2, 2015 in New York City. / Source: Getty Images



The couple met in 1970, and Sharon was eighteen years old. Her father, Don Arden, managed the singer's band. Arden fired Ozzy from the group nine years later, so his daughter began managing her future husband. Sharon helped Ozzy launch his solo career, during which he sold millions of records.

The lovebirds subsequently started dating after that. However, their romance did not blossom until 1979, and when it did, they wed in 1982. Sharon and Ozzy, 73, tied the knot in Hawaii on July 4, 1982. They have been married for 40 years.  

The pair's marriage conceived three beautiful kids that they welcomed in just two years. Their eldest Aimee was born on September 2, 1983, followed by Kelly on October 27, 1984, and son Jack on November 8, 1985.  


Ozzy Osbourne photographed with his family, wife Sharon Osbourne and kids Aimee, Kelly and Jack at their home in March 1997 in Coldwater Canyon, Beverly Hills, California. / Source: Getty Images


When the children were in their adolescent years, the couple's eldest daughter revealed she wanted nothing to do with the family's fame. As a result, Aimee left the family home when she was sixteen.  


Unlike her, the other siblings decided to join the family's famous show. In one episode of "The Talk," Sharon revealed that Aimee could not live in the family home because they filmed the show there, making her uncomfortable.  

The mom of three said her child felt the pressure of fame and did not want to grow up on camera. Instead, she despised the idea and found it appalling

Aimee said nothing could have prepared her for that exposure while noting that even so, the show was interesting, at the very least. 


Aimee revealed why she made that difficult decision noting that she had tasted fame as a child because she already had a famous father but preferred having her privacy instead:

"To me, I'd grown up around having a pretty well-known dad anyway, and I always really valued my privacy within that family." 

The 38-year-old singer explained who she was in terms of morals; she gave herself a chance to develop into a human being instead of just being remembered for being a teenager.  


Aimee said the family show did not align with what she envisioned in her future. While acknowledging that it worked for the rest of her family, the music star mentioned being who she was; she knew it was never something she would have been able to consider realistically.  

Speaking on what it was like watching her family from the side-lines, the actress said it was not shocking to see her loved ones on television: 

"It wasn't that surprising 'because I knew I grew up with it, with a very well-known father. So, it wasn't familiar. What was pretty stunning was how successful it became overnight. I don't think any of us were anticipating anything that level."


Aimee said nothing could have prepared her for that exposure while noting that even so, the show was interesting, at the very least. 


Upon reaching adulthood, the "Wuthering Heights" star eventually became an artist herself and somehow got drawn into the life she once avoided, but on her terms. 


In an interview with in January 2021, when asked how she knew she wanted to join the family business, Aimee shared the artistic path she chose has always been instilled in her: 

"It was what I would always find refuge in. I would be in my room, listening to all my music – that's where I felt most at home. It was secret for a while." 


Aimee said she kept it to herself "because you never want it known that you want to do what your parents do. Eventually, it became undeniable," she explained.  

The music star admitted that the music path chose her and she felt gravitated towards it because she could not ignore it. Aimee described the experience as a natural unconscious pull.  

Moreover, she released a 'daring single' after four years since her debut as a synth-pop artist under ARO (for Aimee Rachel Osbourne). The title is Latin for "to be free and loved," and the music demonstrates a streak of independence.  


Aimee revealed that she took vocal lessons and told Rolling Stone in 2015 that she worked with a production team called Riot City on building tracks and went away to write a melody and some lyrics.  

Many of her fans love her single "Shared Something With the Night," and she said as an artist, when she got close to the material and fans are involved too, one tends to lose ears for it.  

"You don't necessarily hear things about the track that other people would hear," said Aimee. Amid the pandemic, her plans got turned upside-down, but she looked forward to making up her tour dates in 2021 and tried new things too. 



Meanwhile, after being estranged from her family for so long, it appears as though Aimee and her family seemingly resolved whatever issue they had going on between them. Mom Sharon once said

"She left at 16, and I regret every day that she did." 

Aimee got spotted in a rare shopping outing with her mom in West Hollywood in May 2021. The mother and daughter were spotted out in public together for the first time in over a year. 

Singer Aimee Osbourne with her mother TV personality Sharon Osbourne during "The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things" Wrap Party at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California. / Source: Getty Images


They wore coordinated outfits, black trousers paired with white and beige long-sleeved shirts. Aimee donned black and white trainers with a matching hat and a handbag. 

Sharon wore black and brown shoes with a matching bag while carrying iced coffee. Aimee got pictured with her arm wrapped around her mom's arm with the pair wearing face masks.  

The twosome got photographed strolling in town buying clothes before getting picked up in a black SUV. The last time the music manager appeared in public with her child was in January 2020, when they stepped out in Los Angeles.  

Sharon Osbourne and her daughter, Aimee Osbourne spotted on January 8, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. / Source: Getty Images


While Sharon did not raise Aimee in the public eye, her other two kids, Kelly and Jack, got exposed to the spotlight throughout their childhood.  

Kelly found her path in showbiz and starred in Season 2 of "The Masked Singer" but was sadly booted off the competition in November 2019. 

The 37-year-old fashion designer also worked on E! 's "Fashion Police," where she presented from 2010 to 2015. In addition, she bagged many hosting gigs that ultimately led to the launch of her acting career. 

Pictured: (From left to right) Jack Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne and Aimee Osbourne during Spike TV's 4th Annual "Guys Choice Awards" at Sony Studios on June 5, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. / Source: Getty Images


Like his older sister Kelly, Jack also embraced living in the limelight and has made a name for himself. He previously had minor roles in "Dawson's Creek" and had a cameo on "X-Factor." 

Since then, the English media personality has pursued fitness and travel reporter careers. In 2005, the 37-year-old starred on "Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie" and even hosted BBC's "Saving Planet Earth" in 2007.