Soldier returns home early from deployment & anxiously searches for his wife | Shutterstock
Source: Soldier returns home early from deployment & anxiously searches for his wife | Shutterstock

Soldier Returned Home Early from Deployment, Couldn't Find His Wife and Decided to Wait for Her

Rita Kumar
Mar 08, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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Following his surprise visit home from deployment, a man heard a strange moaning noise emanating from the basement. Without wasting time, he silently crept down to check.


The man called his wife, but she never picked up. She left him no texts either. Smitten by curiosity, the husband walked over and opened the basement door, only to stop dead at a soul-crushing sight.

The husband posting under jossan9090 on Reddit said he would never look at his wife the same way again and that his house was nothing but a shack of ruined memories because of what she did.

The soldier was thrilled to see his wife & daughter, but they weren't home when he arrived. | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) was just as happy as any other family man deployed away from home when he boarded his 12-hour flight to his hometown. He missed his wife and daughter and couldn't be more thrilled to unite with them.

OP had always wanted to stay in the marine corps. He worked hard, and his love for his wife gushed with each passing day. While deployed, his friends at work often joked how some women would marry soldiers to enjoy perks like healthcare, education, and vacations.

However, OP disagreed and often reminisced about how he loved everything about his wife and saw no dead-end in their three years of marriage. Unfortunately, all that changed when he reached home during a surprise visit.


OP missed his wife & daughter while in deployment. | Source: Pexels

OP was looking forward to seeing his family after 8 long months and he was pretty shocked when nobody greeted him at his house. It seemed empty. After a bit of wait, he called his wife, but she never answered. He checked for her texts, but there were none.


As time ticked by, he realized he didn't love his wife anymore and couldn't see her the same way again.

He started to feel restless and checked the kitchen, assuming she would be there. But she was nowhere in the house. Then as he looked around the kitchen, he heard strange moaning sounds coming from the basement. He sneaked down quietly and, in mere moments, jumped onto a bed and smacked a guy.

The husband heard a strange moaning sound coming from the basement. | Source: Pexels


OP's hard blows were painful enough to give the man a black eye and bruised lip. Meanwhile, OP's wife shouted her lungs out, begging him to stop. She was appalled as she didn't predict OP would catch her red-handed in an intimate moment with a guy who graduated with him in high school.

The very second of discovering his wife's infidelity shattered OP's world. He vented his anger on the guy for having an affair with his wife despite knowing he was her husband. He lost his trust in her and badly wanted to return to deployment. Although he decided to remain married, he often discussed divorce with his wife.

He said she'd often create a scene and apologize for cheating on him, but OP never heeded her approach. As time ticked by, he realized he didn't love his wife anymore and couldn't see her the same way again. Narrating his plight on Reddit's "Surviving Infidelity" sub, he sought support from random strangers on the internet.


OP's marriage was on the rocks and he could no longer see his wife the same way again. | Source: Pexels

"Okay, I've been in your shoes twice during desert storm. Not a wife but girlfriends; the experience kept me single till I was thirty-eight," Redditor playerknowmore stated.


The user added he never married until completing his service after catching his girlfriends on two different occasions with different men. The Redditor then advised OP on why he still needed to consider a divorce, explaining:

"Divorcing her is not a punishment…actually doing her a favor. Staying there letting that hate and resentment grow is not healthy for anyone in your family. Let her go marry someone else and co-parent."

People online advised OP to opt for a divorce instead of ruining his life over someone else's mistake. | Source: Pexels


Amidst his agonies, OP claimed his daughter was the only one who gave him the solace he needed. A DNA paternity test wasn't an option for him as he strongly believed she was his child and would never leave her even if she wasn't his. "The one that heals me is my baby. But when I'm not with her, I'm miserable," he asserted.

As for the fate of his marriage, OP took insight from one of his friends from the marines. "He said if I don't divorce, I will be miserable when I could find someone great," he revealed but said it would be difficult for him to fall in love again.

Amid the questionable future of his marriage, OP found solace in his daughter. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP would likely fall in love with someone else after his wife cheated on him?

OP asserted that he preferred to stay deployed instead of marrying again after dealing with his wife's infidelity. Although he was determined not to divorce his wife for his daughter's sake, it's still guesswork if he'd trust or love someone again.

How would you react if you find your partner cheating on you with someone else?

When OP discovered his wife was romantically involved with a guy he graduated high school with, he was enraged and got into a fistfight on the spot. He had an outburst of mixed emotions, and the feeling of betrayal seemed to stalk him for a long time. How else would you have reacted to seeing your wife with another man if you were the husband in this story?

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