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Young Woman Says She Discovered She Was Pregnant Even Though She Was a Virgin

Stephen Thompson
Mar 18, 2022
02:00 A.M.
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When Nicole Moore found out she was pregnant, the young lady could not believe it because she was still a virgin. Perhaps she was going to be the next Virgin Mary? Read on to find out more. 


Nicole Moore, from Portsmouth in England, was in her early teenage years when she realized something might be wrong because she could not insert a tampon.  

She went to the hospital to complain, but doctors, after an examination, told her everything was fine. Still, she could not shake the feeling. At 18, she tried having sex with her boyfriend, who was older and more experienced, but the couple was unsuccessful in their attempts. 

Nicole revealed how she managed to get pregnant despite still being a virgin | Source: facebook.com/wedoeverything1 || twitter.com/DailyMirror


Moore could not understand why this was happening because, on every occasion, it felt like her boyfriend was hitting a brick wall.

Afterward, she returned to the hospital to complain, and after she was examined again, the doctors told her everything was fine. 

Since their attempts to have sex were unsuccessful, Moore and her boyfriend explored other intimate ways of having fun. Apart from not having sex the conventional way, everything else seemed fine, until Moore noticed something strange happening to her body.



Moore was at work when she started feeling terrible heartburns and noticed her breasts were sore. She explained how she was feeling to her boss, who was also a close friend and knew her situation. Moore's boss told the 20-year-old that it looked like she was pregnant due to her symptoms. 

Moore laughed the idea off since there was no way she could be pregnant -- she was still a virgin and had never had sex; however, she was told it was possible.

During the lunch break, Moore did a pregnancy test, and to her shock, it came back positive. The young lady was confused and worried because if having sex was so difficult, how would she deliver a baby?


She was also worried her boyfriend would think she had cheated because everything looked impossible. Thankfully, he did not doubt her when he eventually heard. 


Moore struggled to get medical professionals to believe that even though she was pregnant, she was still a virgin during her pregnancy. She would frequently have her partner accompany her for appointments to clarify to doctors that they did not have intercourse. 

She once went for a checkup, and the nurse attempting to do the internal inspection had some difficulty carrying out the procedure.


Moore tried telling the nurse that she was still a virgin, but she did not believe it. The soon-to-be mother thought she would never get anyone to believe her or get answers until four months into her pregnancy when she met a student doctor during one of her routine checkups. 

The mom-to-be told the student doctor of her condition, and he replied that she was probably suffering from Vaginismus, a condition he had recently been studying. 


She went home and googled the symptoms and could not believe what she saw. After years of searching for reasons, she had ultimately found she was suffering from a medical condition. 

After her diagnosis, she was referred to a specialist who would help subdue the condition. With the specialist's assistance, Moore could eventually lose her virginity five months into her pregnancy

Also, she was able to deliver her baby girl, Tilly, without any complications. Now 28 years old, Moore hopes her story will draw attention toward Vaginismus, and prevent other young women from being misunderstood like she was.


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