Woman Struggling with Infertility Gets Pregnant with Triplets, Doctor Says She Can't Carry to Term

Dayna Remus
Mar 18, 2022
11:20 P.M.
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Told she couldn't have children, Desiree Fortin fell pregnant by some miracle. This conception happened only to have her hopes crushed -- she was told she wouldn't be able to carry to term. But, she wasn't about to give up. 


Lying on the bathroom floor after numerous negative pregnancy tests, Fortin believed that she would never conceive. 

Low progesterone, hypothyroid, polycystic ovarian syndrome -- these were all signs that she and her husband Ryan would never have a baby. 

[Left] Desiree Fortin; [Right] A pregnant Desiree Fortin. | Source:



Eventually, they decided to try I.V.F and conceived not one but three babies. These triplets were ready to make their way into the world. However, another roadblock came their way.

Another doctor told Fortin that she wouldn't be able to carry the triplets to term. This failure to do so, they said, was because of her petite frame. 

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Luckily, as she explained in a 2019 Instagram post, one doctor believed in her. Although the journey was challenging, she eventually gave birth to three bundles of joy. The mom wrote

"Pregnancy isn't always easy, and some women may not even enjoy it, BUT regardless, always remember that your body is amazing...and capable!![sic]"

Fortin wrote that she was constantly reminded of her body's strength when looking at her pregnancy photos. 



The Instagram post went viral. It gathered just under 5000 likes and a lot of comments. Many individuals agreed with the sentiment of how powerful and beautiful a woman's pregnant body is. One wrote:

"Amazing what our bodies will/can do for us. Celebrate each precious day!🌼"

Beyond this, many commenters shared their own pregnancy stories and expressed how proud they were of the original poster. 


Beyond body image during pregnancy, this mom also tackled the complex issue of postpartum body issues and the usual insecurities that come with it. 

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According to Carolyn Robertson from BabyCenter, Fortin chose to view her figure through appreciation rather than insecurity, expressing: "When Desiree stopped and took a closer look at the curves and lines that her pregnancy left behind, she didn't feel ashamed. She felt profoundly grateful."

Proving her love for her newfound figure, the new mother posted a picture of her postpartum belly on her blog



Fortin's relationship with her body is not the only part of her life she holds with love. She views every second of her journey with acceptance. This perspective starts from the days when she struggled to fall pregnant. As she penned


Infertility, today, when I really reflect on those years when you were a part of my life

, I can only say, thank you."

Now, these three beautiful children can live their lives knowing that their mother fought for them tooth and nail every step of the way. 


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