Single Man Adopts Baby with Down Syndrome He Fell in Love with at 1st Sight

Brittany Chalmers
Sep 05, 2022
12:40 P.M.

Many people have a longing deep within their hearts — to be a parent. Sadly, it isn't a reality for everyone, and a man thought he might never achieve his dream of fathering a child. However, fate had surprising plans for him.


Countless women and men imagine life with a little bundle of joy in their homes. They envision caring for the child and watching them grow into beautiful people. For many, the inability to have a baby fills them with heartache and pain.

Fortunately, there are numerous options for hopeful parents made possible through medical advancements or adoption. Read a father's story that turned from sadness to joy because of a single photograph.


He Wasn't Getting Any Younger

Ryan Sciberras, 32, worked as a special needs educator in St. Lucia, Malta. He wanted to be a father, and after a string of unsuccessful relationships, he decided to face parenthood alone. However, this led to a few concerns.

Sciberras, a gay single man, thought he might struggle with an adoption application. He was also getting older and wanted to be an active dad involved in his son's life.

To the hopeful father's surprise, the adoption process didn't unfold as he had expected.

The dad shared: "As I was approaching my thirties, it dawned on me that I'd need to have children soon so I could keep up with them and be energetic. I never thought having kids at an older age would work."


The Hopeful Dad Took A Brave Step

Sciberras did his research and gained insight into life as a single parent, eventually deciding to take the next brave step.

He was excited but nervous about starting the adoption journey. Sciberras worried that the application would take some time to be approved.

He needed to complete a long list of procedures, including a psychological assessment, home check, and proof of financial stability. To the hopeful father's surprise, the adoption process didn't unfold as he had expected.


A Life-changing Moment

Sciberras didn't face any trouble or delay during the adoption proceedings. His application was "basically approved immediately," and the dad-to-be was shocked and thrilled. In September 2021, he received life-changing news.

There was a little boy named Kay, and he needed a home. After Sciberras saw a photo of the youngster, something within him shifted. He expressed:

"[After] seeing his picture for the first time, I knew straight away that... he was going to be my son."


He Completed His World

The match was perfect, and Sciberras was in love with the 15-month-old baby boy. The dad described the experience as "surreal" and held his child a mere five days after meeting with the social worker.

Everything happened quickly, and Sciberras was grateful to the foster family because they helped him adjust. Friends and family also supported the new dad, gifting him a pram, crib, and adorable baby clothing.

The adoption was made official in March 2022, and the proud dad remained thankful for his daily miracle. "Having the legal adoption finalized in March this year, it just completed my entire world," shared the father.


An Unbreakable Bond

Baby Kay was born with Down Syndrome, and Sciberras was ready for it. As a special needs teacher, he had helpful experience and vowed to give his son the best life. The dad added:

"He’s had a few issues along the way, and we’ve had quite a few hospital appointments, but I would do anything for him."

The father enjoyed his five months of paternity leave and used the time to gain his son's trust. The duo was also able to celebrate special occasions like Christmas together and formed an unbreakable bond that grew stronger with time.


His Support Structure

Having a new family member has been a blessing, and Sciberras has a great support structure. His grandparents adored the baby boy and showered him in love and affection.

While a few of Sciberras' friends and family were initially surprised by his decision to adopt, they immediately stepped up to assist. Sciberras expressed:

"I’m so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving and generous people. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for [my son and me]."

Sciberras and his son's story is heartwarming, and the dad's love for his son is admirable. We wish them many years of happiness and joy together.

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