Nicolas Cage's troubled son reportedly wants to legally change his name

Apr 11, 2018
07:16 A.M.
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The son of the iconic Hollywood actor does not want to bear his father's name anymore.


The 27-year-old son of famous Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage has filed documents requesting to change his name to Weston Cage Coppola, as reported by Radar Online.

The source informed that Weston filed for the name change on February 14, 2018, and even paid $425 as the filing fee. He seems to be walking in the famous footsteps of his father.

Nicolas also changed his name from Nicolas Coppola to Nicolas Cage so as not to be accused of nepotism as he was the nephew of iconic filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola.


Now Weston is trying to change his name back to Coppola from Cage. However, the source further revealed that Weston has still kept his Instagram name as Weston Cage.

Weston has been getting himself into a lot of problems in the recent times, making him seem estranged from his father as well as his wife.

In 2017, he faced charges for Driving Under Influence and hit-and-run after getting in a fender bender and speeding off. He led the cops on a 'wild chase,' the source informed and was later arrested.


Furthermore, during his divorce proceedings, his wife, Danielle, was even granted a protective order against him.

The court barred Weston, Danielle's 'estranged husband,' against being less than 100 yards from his wife and her home. He was allowed an exception for 'brief and peaceful' contact while visiting his children.

Weston acted alongside his father in his movie, Lord of War, when he was only 15 years old. He continues to have several projects in production even today according to his IMDb page, reported the source.

It was further revealed that he was still listed as Weston Cage in his IMDb page.