Man sprays paints on the back of his iPhone and the result looks really stunning

Cheryl Kahla
Apr 28, 2018
12:02 A.M.
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Stefan Acanski is a Serbian spray paint artist who lives in Germany. His art went viral, and Acanski has since quit his day job to pursue his passion. 


Acanski used to be a dental technician, and while that was good enough to pay the bills, it wasn't what he wanted to do with his life. As an artist, he is propelled by the need to create. 

As reported by The Epoch Times, Acanski uploaded photos of his completed artwork to Facebook and Instagram, and soon had a large following of fans who wanted to purchase his artwork. 

However, is work went viral when he spraypainted a space scene on the back of his iPhone. His skill truly shined through when viewers realized he wasn't painting a phone cover; no, he was spray painting the actual phone. 


He resigned from his day job and hadn't regretted his decision yet, explaining: "I love my job as a dental technician, but I love you guys more."

Today, the spraypainter has more than 148,000 followers on Instagram, 344,000 likes on Facebook and more than 375,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. 

Not only does he share process videos of his artwork, but he also uploaded tutorials and teaches his followers the tricks of the trade. 

As seen on his website, Skech Art, Acanski sells his work for $80 a piece, and some works of art even for $120 or more. 


He added a shop section to his website but has since run into a bit of a snag. Acanski had to apologize on Facebook for his inactivity. 

Due to the large number of orders he received, he doesn't have time anymore to create process videos and tutorials.

Acanski is determined to keep up his busy pace, adding that he constantly learns new techniques, either 'from other artists or from [his] own mistakes.' 

When asked if he has advice for beginner spray painters, he simply says: "Just keep painting and never give up."