NY Post: Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani's wife claims he's a liar

Jun 14, 2018
03:55 P.M.
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The Presidential lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has found himself in controversy after his wife opened up about his extra-marital affair while he was still married.


In an exclusive interview with the New York Post on Tuesday, Rudy Giuliani's wife, Judith Nathan, said that he was lying when he denied cheating on her with New Hampshire hospital administrator Maria Rosa Ryan, who is married. 

Judith shared that Giuliani's illicit affair had begun before they had separated. According to Page Six, sources to the New York Post had revealed Giuliani's affair with Maria but the former mayor of New York City had denied the reports.

Giuliani, however, admitted that he went to dinner and a movie with Maria at a posh spa on March 29, five days before Judith filed for a divorce.


Giuliani claimed that the outing with Maria took place after his separation from his wife was in effect. Judith responded harshly to Giuliani's statement in the interview with the New York Post.

“My husband’s denial of the affair with the married Mrs. Ryan is as false as his claim that we were separated when he took up with her.”

Judith Nathan, New York Post, June 12, 2018.

There was no legal filing for any separation between Giuliani and Judith before Judith filed for a divorce.

Giuliani revealed on Thursday that he had gone on a few dates with 56-year-old Jennifer Blanc, who works as a political fundraiser from Lafayette, Louisiana. 


He admitted to The Post that he and Blanc had gone on three dates since the last two or three weeks. He added that he shared a good friendship with Blanc.

Giuliani was captured on video dancing with Maria waving a napkin over his head at a restaurant in Jerusalem during his trip to Israel on June 6.

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