Woman surprises her grandparents after traveling the world for six months (video)

Aug 11, 2018
11:22 A.M.
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The video of Jennifer Agnew surprising her grandparents has gone viral. Social media users were emotional after watching the grandmother’s reaction when she saw her after Agnew traveled to Asia for six months.


22-year-old Agnew from East Kilbride, Scotland wanted to surprise her grandparents with her homecoming. She planned the surprise with her parents, and her grandma and grandpa did not suspect a thing.

As soon as Agnew posted the video, it quickly gained attention on social media with users praising the 22-year-old for the great relationship she has with her grandparents.

They also gushed at the grandmother’s sweet reaction upon seeing her grandchild for the first time in so long.


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In a chat with Glasgow Live, Agnew said that every one of her friends and her parents knew that she was coming home apart from her Gran and Papa.

She said, “I’m really close with them. My Gran looked after me from five months when my mum went back to work full time, so we have a close relationship.”

On the video, Agnew can be seen waiting for her grandparents while sitting on her parents’ couch. She appeared anxious and excited the whole time.

As soon as the doors opened, she waited in anticipation before her grandmother walked into the room.


The grandmother shrieked in excitement when she saw Agnew. Immediately, she broke down in tears. Agnew’s grandfather was all smiles when he saw his granddaughter.

The trio held each other close in a tight embrace with big smiles on their faces.

Throughout the entire night, Agnew shared that her Gran cried every time she looked at her.

Agnew’s parents did not anticipate her early return since they thought she was heading straight to Australia after touring around Asia as part of a working holiday visa.

Although, as she spoke with UNILAD, she admitted that she felt homesick after four months in Southeast Asia. She ended up booking a flight home and will be spending the rest of August with her family.

Agnew is set to return on her traveling adventure in September heading to the land Down Under.