Boy's photo goes viral after mom made hilarious mistake when dressing him for picture day

Mother astounded at the hilarious results of her "mistake" 

Laurel Boone Hutsell was determined that her son Carter would look handsome on his school photo.

The day before school picture day she talked his wardrobe choices over with him and decided on a green shirt with a collar, which she thought would stand out nicely against a neutral, gray or taupe background.

So on that fateful day, Carter went off to school looking sharp in his new green shirt. 

The outcome of Laurel's sartorial decision would go viral on Facebook and turn her son into a celebrity.

“Mom, I shouldn’t have worn the green shirt for pictures. It will blend in with the green screen they used.”

Carter Hutsell, InspireMore, 22nd of August 2018.

Was it in the fine print?

When Carter got home after the photo session he shared his concern that the green shirt might not have been the best choice.

The photographer had placed the children in front of a green screen and would be placing the background in in production.

Carter told his mother he thought his green shirt might blend in with the background, but Laurel dismissed the idea.

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It's the invisible boy!

Then a week later Laurel received the proofs of the photos. At first glance, she felt something was off, but only after looking a second time that she realized what had happened.

The green shirt had vanished, and the background showed through so that poor Carter looked like a ghost, with his head and arms floating mysteriously.

Why did this happen?

A "green screen" allows a process called Chroma keying which enables media technicians to easily separate the green screens from the people standing in front of them with a special program and replace those with different backgrounds.

Unfortunately, Carter's shirt was a tone of green so similar to the photographer's green screen, that the program used to separate the foreground image from the green background couldn't distinguish the colors. 

Laurel posted the hilarious photos and has been bombarded with comments and approval from the thousands of people who are enjoying the fun.

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