La La Anthony Shares Heart-Melting Video of Husband Carmelo Teaching Son His Signature Hoop Move

Carmelo Anthony is passing on his trademark court move to his son and La La Anthony is there to applaud it. "Learning from the best," she proudly says.

Many were delighted to learn that La La and Carmelo Anthony decided to give their marriage another try a few months back. They split up in 2017 due to a woman who reportedly came between them. But the couple began to get cozy late last year fueling rumors of a reconciliation. La La later admitted they were working things out. After all, it’s a 14-year-marriage they’re considering throwing out the window. Moreover, it’s their son, Kiyan who benefits most from their reconciliation. 

Now that the family is whole again, La La is taking advantage of every chance they get to spend quality time. For instance, she’s glad that Kiyan gets to have more teaching moments with his father. The 12-year-old can certainly learn a thing or two from the former New York Knicks player when it comes to basketball.  

As such, the “Power” star recently shared a clip of Carmelo teaching Kiyan a skill he mastered on the hardcourt. Known as the jab, it fools a defender by thinking the offensive player is going one way when he’s actually headed the other direction. The move requires a last-second step to towards the opposite route. 

Kiyan showed off the genes his father passed on to him by nailing the move demonstrated by Carmelo. He also flaunted his agility moving from right to left as he attempts to shoot hoops. 

“What a blessing...when your dad is your greatest teacher,” La La gratefully wrote in her caption. “Kiyan is getting that jab step down..learning from the best to ever do it,” she added proudly.

Recent reports suggested La La was expecting another child. Speculations started when she left a comment on a pregnant Amy Schumer’s video where she’s throwing up by the road.  

“I’m with you,” La La wrote to the surprise of curious watchers guessing she was on the way too. But La La shut it down and explained she meant she knew the feeling since she’s been there too with Kiyan.

It won’t be a surprise though if Carmelo and La La would decide to have another child now that their marriage is back on. Besides, Kiyan could also benefit from another sibling to shoot hoops with. 

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